The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 28, 2005

...because the generating image was cold and charming...
...because filters piled on filters...
...because a null point was reached of no return...
...because of...
...because of something emerging at the far end of the tunnel...
...because of a form of processing or herding processes...
...because of the new-born image arising from the old...
...because of defraying the costs and placental hope...
... ...


Some mooted english words I don't know - from
Nouveau Dictionnaire de Poche, Francais-Anglais et Anglais-Francais
Th. Nugent, Paris, 1848

Pickthank, flagoneur
Cryal, heron
Wherret, donnet un soufflet a
Cynegeticks, l'art de la chasse
Twiggen, fait de petites branches
Hiation, baillement
Dace, vandoise
Hogoo, haut-gout
Depectible, tenace
Waleknot, noeud rond
Avery, grenier
Colter, coutre de charrue
Huckelbone, hanche
Cuish, cuissart
Gove, entasser
Outvillain, etre plus mechant
Spunging, ecornifierie
Petto, poitrine
Huer, celui qui fait des huees
Bidale, invitation a boire
Brabble, querelle
Abaft, de l'arriere
Devexity, courbure
Jazel, pierre precieuse
Foh, fi!
Gibcat, vieux chat
Zedoary, zedoaire
Wallwort, parietaire
Hox, couper le charret
Wamble, soulever
Stive, etuver
Uberous, abondant
Xerophthalmy, xerophthalmie
Xystus, xyste
Phrenitis, fureur
Mooted, deraciner


Exemplary Protrusion of Mars Ocean
Dust Covering of Caked Planar Ice
Rendered into Seamount Gridwork through Spectography

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