The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 1, 2005

uh buoy quiets free-dark matter girl-hands enquiring jacked jetstream
catamountic limbed martian's awe and pancaked rust-duted killed, really
cynical-ity; you've ouided exits' jungenstijl's seize.


mars-life forecast discussion
exemplum <===> basin
let it go at that



swan because of the uneasy lap or basin, saccharine colors absorbing
the position of the young girl or boy about to be fucked

but the uneasiness of mathematical images tuned towards discomfort
when settling into a landscape of slope or miasma

i might have created an interior and more comfortable space of toruses
and cylinders

nonetheless this keeps one scrambling in a world of oral fixation,
imagine the open mouths, rivulets of drools, soaked creases of perfect

these are hulls, dark matter and its mystery float among them

or the fragment of a dream of the mother of a star not yet born or bone


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