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March 2, 2005

Additional Words from French to English
1848 Dictionnaire already described and of the z of the first part

Z, the 25th letter of the French alphabet
Zacynthe, a sort of wild succory
Zagaie, sf. zagaye, long Moorish dart
Zagu ou Sagou, the sago-tree
Zaim, Turkish horseman
Zain, a horse all of one dark colour, without spot or mark
Zani, buffoon, zany
Zebre, zebra, wild ass
Zelateur, trice, zealot, a stickler
Zele, zeal
Zele, zealous
Zelote, a jealous man
Zelotopie, extreme jealousy
Zelotypie, zeal carried to far
Zenith, zenith
Zenonique, belonging or conformable to the doctrine of Zeno
Zenonisme, the doctrine of Zeno
Zephyr, zephyr
Zero, nought
Zest, fiddlestick! pshaw! pish!
  Entre le zist et le zest, tolerably; so so; neither good nor bad
Zeste, thin piece of orange peel; thick skin quartering the kernel
  of a walnut
Zetetique, zetetic, proceeding by inquiry
Zibeline, zibellina, sable
Zigzag, zig zag, crankles
Zinc, zinc
Zinzolin, reddish violet colour
Zist, see Zest
Zizanie, dissension, discord, tare
Ziziphe, jujube-tree
Zodiacal, belonging to the zodiac
Zodiaque, zodiac
Zoilc, snarling critic
Zone, zone
Zoographe, one who describes or writes on animals
Zoographie, zoography, description of animals
Zoolatrie, worship of animals
Zoolithe, petrified animal substance
Zoologie, treatise on animals
Zoophore, zoophorus
Zoophorique, zoophorie
Zoophyte, vegetables or substances which partake of the nature
  of animal and vegetable life
Zootomie, dissection of beasts
Zopissa, zopissa, the pitch and tar which is scraped from old ships
Zoroche, a sort of metallic silver
Zoucet, plungeon, a sea bird
Zymosimetre, zymosimeter, an instrument to measure the degree of heat
  in liquors


debris, no joke, no text in this

    news tonight everything out of control, 5000 hate groups online,
    i'd imagine far more in the usa. all religions are cruel, all
    religions structure hatred, at least all religions of the book,
    of the good book, the manual for killing, it doesn't matter what
    it is, why else would humans go after one another, not only other
    humans, animals as well, anything that can be slaughtered, read
    the truths of the inquisition, they're the same truths now, why
    always men of the cloth, why always old men burying their hatred,
    it almost seems friendly, the fury of the primates, we're
    talented, can hold a stick

    friends, it is time to be fightened, to be very frightened, do
    not become like one of them, the texts below are endless, endless,
    we are in the last days, some of us will survive, but at what
    cost, everything that was beautiful is desperate, everything that
    is ugly is bought and sold

    interview from Saudi television of a 3 year old Muslim girl who was
    been taught to hate Jews. All Words Any Word.
    APOLOGETICS. Christian Apologetics. ...
    10k true Historians have classified six explanations as to
    why people hate the Jews: Economic -- We
    hate Jews because they possess too much wealth and
    true Hate Jews? Antisemitism. Adolf Hitler. Holocaust.
    Nazi. Bible Study. Discover the amazing truth of the Gospel.
    Eternal life. Christian living. Hate Jews?
    12k true Why do Christians hate Jews, blacks, and
    Catholics? First off, why are Christians racists? Why do you
    hate Jews, blacks, and Catholics? ...
    Man may make his clamor, but God will be the Judge! Is there any
    record of Christian hate of Jews in the first
    century during the lives of the Apostles? ...
    Why does the muslims hate the jews for?
    Author, Message. jjf1990, RE:Hate Jews
    And Chinks Re.: RE:Hate Jews And Chinks Is this
    all about religion? ...
    list. Christians who hate the Jews. By Melanie
    Phillips. First published in the Spectator, February 16 2002. It
    If you want to add your own comments, please fill in our
    feedback form. Do We Hate Jews and Christians?
    Khaled Batarfi Some of my Jewish readers have doubts. ...
    March 27, 2004. Do I Hate Jews ? Well, I just got the
    following email from some guy: Well, this guy is very
    mistaken. I do not hate jews. ...
    French Hate Jews Report; Posted on: 2004-03-07 21:47:07
    [ Printer friendly ]. by Jeff Hook Despite breaking box-office
    If you lived in the Middle East, you might easily believe
    that America is waging a worldwide war against Islam, and that
    Americans must hate Muslims. ...
    hate Muslims..User comments on article: [The
    American Muslim Council:] Mainstream
    Muslims? Why Christians hate
    Christians Hate Muslims- User comments on article
    Reply to...why Christians Hate Muslims...
    User comment on article ...
    terthread=y 101k true She was all p!ssed about the
    Americans and how much the Americans hate Muslims,
    and they have no business being there and should go away and leave
    them alone. ...
    q. Why Hindus hate Muslims ?
    The same primitive logic seems to be working behind the
    attempt to create a campaign of hate towards Muslims.
    Why Do You Hate Muslims So Much. ...
    Reply to Thread: Why Do You Hate Muslims So Much. I
    dont hate Islam, its not just a religion, its a
    101k true Why Do You Hate Muslims So Much.
    Reply to Thread: Why Do You Hate Muslims So
    Much. I dont hate Islam, its not just a religion,
    its a way of life. ...
    Ask.asp 21k true Why do they hate us? Muslims
    ask: Why do they hate us? America is a democracy,
    he concluded, so Americans must hate Muslims to
    endorse this war. ...
    Why do Muslims Hate Muslims?
    true Why do Muslims Hate Muslims?
    dunno Im not Muslim but you can tell us why you
    hate Muslims. ConservativethatplaysHALO! Member
    Joined: Thu Sep 16th, 2004. hate muslims 0.235184 1 at
    What Is Behind The
    Hate Christians Campaign? By Thomas D.
    Segel December 22, 2004. Christ and faith have ...
    (14) takes out his flame throwerI HATE Christians!!!
    GARRR!!! 92% | 9. Thats right. I hate
    christians!!! Re: I HATE Christians!!!
    GARRR!!! ...
    true They Hate Christians, Too, By Michael Freund | August 29, 2002. The fact that
    Americas Arab allies often express ...
    Politics; Miscellaneous (Politics). > ~Myths about
    Democrats; They hate Christians. ...
    About They hate Christians. They hate
    Christians. Invite a friend to rate ...
    Click Here. [Ad]. What Is Behind The Hate
    Christians Campaign? December 21, 2004. by Thomas D. Segel
    Christ and the Faith have ...
    true religion, christianity, articles. Liberals Hate
    Christians. By Mark K. Lewis. religion, articles,
    christianity, Recently I was having ...
    Post, August 28, 2002. THEY HATE CHRISTIANS, TOO. by
    Michael Freund. The fact that Americas Arab allies often
    express ...
    Why do Liberals hate christians? I
    dont understand why most Liberals hate
    christians. Republichick Member Joined: Sat Aug 28th, 2004.
    15k true Your stupid statements give people a reason to hate
    Christians. You said it is statements like that
    which give people reasons to hate Christians. Why is
    that? hate christians 0.377557 1


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