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Additional Words from French to English
1848 Dictionnaire already described and of the z of the first part

Z, the 25th letter of the French alphabet
Zacynthe, a sort of wild succory
Zagaie, sf. zagaye, long Moorish dart
Zagu ou Sagou, the sago-tree
Zaim, Turkish horseman
Zain, a horse all of one dark colour, without spot or mark
Zani, buffoon, zany
Zebre, zebra, wild ass
Zelateur, trice, zealot, a stickler
Zele, zeal
Zele, zealous
Zelote, a jealous man
Zelotopie, extreme jealousy
Zelotypie, zeal carried to far
Zenith, zenith
Zenonique, belonging or conformable to the doctrine of Zeno
Zenonisme, the doctrine of Zeno
Zephyr, zephyr
Zero, nought
Zest, fiddlestick! pshaw! pish!
  Entre le zist et le zest, tolerably; so so; neither good nor bad
Zeste, thin piece of orange peel; thick skin quartering the kernel
  of a walnut
Zetetique, zetetic, proceeding by inquiry
Zibeline, zibellina, sable
Zigzag, zig zag, crankles
Zinc, zinc
Zinzolin, reddish violet colour
Zist, see Zest
Zizanie, dissension, discord, tare
Ziziphe, jujube-tree
Zodiacal, belonging to the zodiac
Zodiaque, zodiac
Zoilc, snarling critic
Zone, zone
Zoographe, one who describes or writes on animals
Zoographie, zoography, description of animals
Zoolatrie, worship of animals
Zoolithe, petrified animal substance
Zoologie, treatise on animals
Zoophore, zoophorus
Zoophorique, zoophorie
Zoophyte, vegetables or substances which partake of the nature
  of animal and vegetable life
Zootomie, dissection of beasts
Zopissa, zopissa, the pitch and tar which is scraped from old ships
Zoroche, a sort of metallic silver
Zoucet, plungeon, a sea bird
Zymosimetre, zymosimeter, an instrument to measure the degree of heat
  in liquors


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