The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 4, 2005

rarely does an informal moment embrace the numinous
azure and i had corresponded for months and finally she was arriving
i photographed the plane coming in around five in the morning
neither of us had any sleep and this was our first close meeting
she came and is still here after six years

i knew when i was photographing the plane i was taking it
awkwardly i also embraced the moment and its eternal memory
a tourist destination or sight among personal histories

the plane taxiing to the gate
nothing was open in the airport and i had been there for hours
it was an early saturday morning of sometime
i remember having to teach the same day among disinterested students
everyone had their personal tales

back to the photograph
the creation of a minor history that is what i call personal
it will die with me it will be only the picture of a plane
the plane at a particular angle to the gate and only the plane

someone on the plane was coming to meet me and others on the plane
the others were coming to meet others perhaps not as propitious
or perhaps equally so or perhaps in the dwelling of mourning

i had misplaced the image and found it on a forlorn isolated floppy
it would play from the camera through the floppy into the computer
it would be revived the newborn image greeting the light of day
or of night or of dusk or dawn or liminal when the image was taken
when the image perhaps took me with it and then lost itself
or i had misplaced it as i already said here is the plane again

here is the plane again and again and again
it is the picture of someone on the plane and the plane
it is the plane of someone the someone-plane coming forward
the someone-plane coming forward to the gate
where i am at the gate waiting to make history a personal history
or a minor history waiting
or just to greet someone and awkward with the camera in my hand
hardly seeing neither seeing or seeing hardly

any minor history, any punctum, any someone waiting, any someone
and any plane taxiing and any plane arriving and arriving
and arriving and again and arriving and again


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