The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 6, 2005

order clash
order crash

Pain Sifted

Platt Townend found me too neurotic.
Vito Acconci found me a pest.
The head of Nexus found I was too fast-moving and lazy.
Leon Pinstein found me an undeserving underdog.
Johnny Uhl found me a coward.
Bob Jungles found me a thief and a user.
The LAICA Journal committee found me too old.
Tamara Bowers found me creepy and hateful.
Allison Ritch found me too selfish and uncaring.
Robert Horvitz found me arrogant and self-serving.
Jim Andrews found me uncaring, boastful, and self-serving.
Ishaq found me racist and Arab-hating.
Beorge Bowering found me unreadable and forgettable.
Paul Geremiah found me selfish and uncaring.
Margaret Curtis found me embarrassing.
Paul the trumpeter found I rehearsed too much.
My mother found I was too angry.
The Connecticut Arts Council found me too established.
Bernadette Mayer found me social-climbing.
Brian Kilpatrick found me weird and creepy.
Lexie Don found me a bad writer and worse artist.
Nancy Golden found me evil and horrible.
Mr. Pugh found me too noisy and wild.
Kasper Konig found me too old.
My first and only psychiatrist found me too undisciplined.
Alice Birster found me too sexually creepy.
Leone Wilson found me too unmusical and out of tune.
Aaron Weiss found me too dirty.
My brother found me selfish and self-serving.
John Young found me betraying and deceitful.
Robert Horvitz found me creepy about women.
Nelly the curator found me sleazy and unspeakable.
The camp head found me suicidal.
John Hurt found me interfering and noisy.
Vito Acconci found me not an artist.
A waitress in Maine found me too much worshipping the devil.
The head of Hallwalls found me arrogant and overblown.
Kathy Acker found me crazy.
Aram Saroyan found me a dilettante.
The head of the Brown music department found me too loud.
Elizabeth Cannon found me awful.
The Boston video audience found me a liar and a cheat.
My sister found I wasn't an artist.
Ray Brown found me too left-wing and uncompromising.
Mike Reed found me fascist and deceitful.
Mark McElhatten found I did too much.
Margaret Curtis found me too old.
The UNM Albuquerque photo department found me out of my mind.
Carol Damian found me unacceptable.
My father found me a failure and parasitic.
Malgosia Askanas found me an impossible nuisance.
Alison Rossiter found my relations with women creepy.
Krister Hennix found me too psychoanalytically occupied.
Catherine Hennix found me too non-psychoanalytically occupied.
The head of the FIU union found me too hopeless.
The Penguin Encyclopedia of Jazz found my 3rd record mediocre.
Edward Honig found I was trying to kill him.
The Dean of Brown University found me annoying.


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