The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 7, 2005


Tony Conrad found my work a joke.
Steve Fagin found me rude.


it got older and bolder
it blew apart and remained blue
she showed me her shoulder
neutrinos and neutrons tracked her back

  follow the girl to the mountain
  follow her back to the rock
  take her and she'll break you
  for your life is on the block
  and your body's in the stock
  and you're winding down your clock

there was an evident was it moscow
was it greek too many spikes differently
it mapped into human unconscious
it is unheeded warning unreadable sign

unleash the power of wilson cloud-chamber
magnetic isotropic lines of power
magnified in the literature of the rock

  of the fury of the shock
  of creation of the unconscious
  which attempts understanding undermining
  delimiting and lining

the literature of the rock
broken in the fury of the shock


holes in space-time fabric of new york city
images from

incandescent closeups past the fabric of the virtual earth
into the fabric of the virtual earth

"a parable for our time"

hello,  hello


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