The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 9, 2005

A narrow, damp _alley._ Sur vey, to _view._

All the _assistance_ found, his _assistants_ sent him. He claims to be the
_diviser_ of the machine. Which is larger, the _divisor_ or quotient? This
_difference_ being settled, he will pay due _deference_ to your opinion.

The _ingenious_ mechanic was also an _ingenuous_ man. Not a _lineament_
could be recognized by his friends. Apply to the wound a healing
_liniment._ The _principal_ to the agreement was devoid of moral

Though a great _liar,_ he could play upon the _lyre._ A _naughty__ youth.
The lawyer had a _knotty_ case. The _plaintiff_ assumed a _plaintive_ air.
Do not disturb the tame _rabbit._ The carpenter will _rabbet_ the boards.

Filled with _choler,_ he seized the youth by his _collar._ The priest
filled the _censer._ He is a _censor_ of the press. The ship took _divers_
persons as _divers_ for pearls.

The _air_ is quite cold. He is _heir_ to the property. Give _alms._ He has
lost his _arms._ He cut tree with an _ax._ His _acts_ are _base._ He has a
_bass_ voice.

They _burst_ the box which held the _bust._ The poor _dyer_ was in _dire_
distress. After a _dose_ he fell into a _doze._ In the falling _dome_ he
saw his _doom._

- from Eclectic Spelling Book, 1865


Silent Letters

The _lamb_ bleats. His _limbs_ are _benumbed._ They _climbed_ the hill.
_Comb_ your hair. The _tomb_ was opened. Do not _thumb_ your book. A
_dumb_ animal.

A _receipt_ for money. The _debt_ is paid. The _debtor_ _doubted._ A
cunning, _subtle_ fellow. It is _doubtful._

_Psyche_ is the Greek for soul. Take your _psalter_ and choose a _psalm._
His answer was _pshaw!_



vlf radio connected to minidisk in the middle
of brooklyn, what would one expect but the power grid
hardly a crackle to be heard
someone turned a television on or off
minute and a half of 60 cycle plus harmonics
turnabout is fair play
turnaround is too, not to mention chorus or filters
more interesting later from the country
in the meantime what's happened here driving the machinery
spiced up for everyone's amusement at least mine


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