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A narrow, damp _alley._ Sur vey, to _view._

All the _assistance_ found, his _assistants_ sent him. He claims to be the
_diviser_ of the machine. Which is larger, the _divisor_ or quotient? This
_difference_ being settled, he will pay due _deference_ to your opinion.

The _ingenious_ mechanic was also an _ingenuous_ man. Not a _lineament_
could be recognized by his friends. Apply to the wound a healing
_liniment._ The _principal_ to the agreement was devoid of moral

Though a great _liar,_ he could play upon the _lyre._ A _naughty__ youth.
The lawyer had a _knotty_ case. The _plaintiff_ assumed a _plaintive_ air.
Do not disturb the tame _rabbit._ The carpenter will _rabbet_ the boards.

Filled with _choler,_ he seized the youth by his _collar._ The priest
filled the _censer._ He is a _censor_ of the press. The ship took _divers_
persons as _divers_ for pearls.

The _air_ is quite cold. He is _heir_ to the property. Give _alms._ He has
lost his _arms._ He cut tree with an _ax._ His _acts_ are _base._ He has a
_bass_ voice.

They _burst_ the box which held the _bust._ The poor _dyer_ was in _dire_
distress. After a _dose_ he fell into a _doze._ In the falling _dome_ he
saw his _doom._

- from Eclectic Spelling Book, 1865


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