The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 15, 2005

hollywood fallthrough

  hollywood fallthrough yes it was earlier we crawled to the bottom of the
sign the signifier heard us there were scuttlings and exhaustion holding
us in vertical enthrall hollywood is always hollywood fallthrough scraping
the tinsel to expose the tinsel in this case - was that baruch? -
exposing, what, the digital mensuration of the real as it explodes in our
eyes / as it explodes

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you poetics list are my shame
   you imitationpoetics list are my embarrassment
   syndicate list i turn my eyes away from you
   you wryting list make me feel guilty
   cyberculture list i am abashed and bashful
   arc.hive list you make me blush and fall to pieces
   you webartery list makes me tremble
   o-o list i come apart before you
   you cybermind list turn me shy and foolish
   netbehaviour list i am so very ashamed

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