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March 16, 2005

i am that i am

     double versions sink / \ collandroid i
     double versions sink / \ collandroid ii

you i foolishfoolish you you foolishfoolish foolishfoolish you am
embarrassmentmy foolishfoolish embarrassmentmy i foolishfoolish shamemy
foolishfoolish embarrassmentmy you embarrassmentmy my my my
embarrassmentmy from abashedand embarrassmentmy me shamemy abashedand turn
embarrassmentmy abashedand my my my abashedand feel from abashedand feel
turn embarrassmentmy feel eyes foolishfoolish my me away turn from i you
away turn you to from you to me you to away my to makes feel to makes
embarrassmentmy away shy me away am away blush pieces makes blush list
list blush list am to list am to pieces trembleme makes am my list am you
am fall shamemy am fall abashedand trembleme am abashedand you pieces
abashedand you list shamemy are pieces shamemy i trembleme you
embarrassmentmy i ooo i my you i are you you are embarrassmentmy shamemy
are you abashedand my from you my i you embarrassmentmy my my you
embarrassmentmy you you you from you embarrassmentmy from you my from
embarrassmentmy are from from away you from you my eyes you my away
embarrassmentmy you guiltyfeel me my from feel you guiltyfeel from from
guiltyfeel make you away make me eyes from feel eyes make from eyes blush
make eyes you guiltyfeel away blush you guiltyfeel blush guiltyfeel away
make guiltyfeel me from me guiltyfeel from you you from blush guiltyfeel
from me guiltyfeel make me me blush blush me to you list to you you
guiltyfeel me fall blush me shy me me fall make you fall shy blush shy
list makes fall i makes fall i make you bashful shy you makes list you am
you fall am makes shy makes foolishfoolish pieces makes foolishfoolish
pieces bashful i you i am makes i foolishfoolish i am bashful makes
trembleme foolishfoolish am am i ooo i i am

* Module Products.PlacelessTranslationService.PatchStringIO,
      , in new_publish "hello"
            , in translate "can"
            , in translate "you"
            , in getCatalogsForTranslation "hear"
            , in negotiate_language "me"
  * Module Products.PlacelessTranslationService.Negotiator,         ,
    in negotiate "bonjour
  * Module Products.PlacelessTranslationService.Negotiator,         ,
    in _negotiate "entendez"
  * Module Products.PlacelessTranslationService.Negotiator,        ,
    in getLangPrefs "vous"
  * Module Products.PlacelessTranslationService.Negotiator,         ,
    in getAccepted "aidez-moi"
  * "acceptez-vous"

teart "i wanted to enter this before but the site was down. i got in by
logging backwards but couldn't save the file. the file was saved as a
placeholder i can't erase. the new file is teart which is what the old
file would have been. it's another moment or movement of a mathematical
object. i want to read what i can into these objects. i want to create
emotions with mathematical objects. this is the emotion of forlorness and
hysteria encapsulated. i know what you're saying but nothing's impossible.
this is the object of the darkest possibility. five years ago today my
mother died. i woke up forlorn."


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