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Aphoristic Essay - additional text placed after "The world slips through
the fingers."

Any element of a raster is independent of any other element. Any element
may be transformed without transforming any other element. Truth values
within the digital are problematic. The digital is cleanly separable,
breakable. The digital is clean.

Any element of the analogic real is interconnected and inseparable. The
transformation of any element alters any other element. Truth values are
inherent. The application of truth values is digital. The analogic is a
membrane. The analogic is dirty, inseparable, unbreakable.

The dirty analogic problematizes its symbolic. The clean digital is
already symbolic.

The digital _object_ is analogic.

The analogic _representation_ is digital.

Ghosts are embedded within the analogic. Ghosts are excluded from the

Absence or exclusion from the digital is equivalent to non-existence from
the viewpoint of the digital. Ghosts are existence and existents within
the analogic.

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