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     it is perfectly beautiful, Jennifer, to have a slight flaw, in fact
the slight flaw makes it perfectly beautiful, of course it does, nothing
else, just the slightest offset, this is what the gods desired, the
universe is isotropic or is it anisotropic, never mind, the symmetry's
broken, an, i, an i, Jennifer, remember that
sondheim's Home perfectly beautiful 1
     once the principles are esablished, said the Greeks, Jennifer, it was
easy, everything fell into place. it wasn't later, until digital syntesis,
that the uncanny made its appearance in the realm of perfection, however.
look at what lovely unfoldings, Jennifer, undraped sky, what beauty
sondheim's Home perfect beauty 2
     the cracks of marble and the scanlines, marble against marble against
emptiness, ontological loss between one and another position,
neuraesthetics of neuraesthenia, Jennifer, (A marble marble (A emptiness))
sondheim's Home perfect beauty 3
     you huddle, huddling Jennifer, in the cracks, they're there for a
reason, they're psychopomp, they're swollen, they're enormous, they're
miniscule, they're inscribed, they're perfectly inscribed, Jennifer,
they're palimpsest, collocation of indelible formulas, present and eternal
and accounted-for, trembling and fragile and falling-apart, they're what
people do, they're the done-with-it, huddling Jennifer, they're the fear
and poison in men's minds, they're perfect
sondheim's Home perfect image 4
     you are waiting, Jennifer, engendered-Jennifer, genifer,
hinged-iron-genifer, genniferrous, tiny candle burns here, Egyptians,
Greeks, and Japanese are waiting, burning on and off for four days,
yahrzeit, year-time, crack or impression of death, the slightest glimmer,
under starrystarry skies, inconceivable beauty, i am sorry, Jennifer, i am
not joking, honestly, i will not be remembered for it, this split on both
sides of the entity, this almost grid, almost-alive, these perfect



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