The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


the lightbulb fluttered in the empty hallway.
site after site crashed on the internet.
the conspiracy of the death of
the troubles of
the seepage of west virginia university.
it's not just me it's furtherfield.
noemata where are you in our hour of need.
mountaineers, come back, speed up, infuriate.
my images are in your dead eyes.
the net is dying, phish swim polluted waters.
jennifer knows what "you-all" are doing.
the braindead net, congress pull the plug!
a special prayer for jerusalem isp.
braindead net drools breathes into the future.
every isp is precious life.
worship url for each is holy saint.
polluted net you are fifteen-year-old war.
my sounds are in your dead ears.
you can't tell where my sounds are coming from.
you can't hear them either.
the net reeks of braindead sounds.
the song of the brain, i'm dead i'm dead.
an apostrophe to dont and wont.
i will run home to save you image and sound.
we invite you to brooklyn usa for sound and sight.
are you taking your time, dont take your time.
are you busy right this moment?
lovely images to see before you dream.
lovely sounds to hear before you wake.
indra struggles tangled in his net.
indra cant rise to his feet jennifer watches.
jennifer, "hello indra, what have you been doing"
indra, "hello jennifer, this is a sad sad time.
why alan sondheim cannot show his sight.
and alan sondheim cannot play his sound.
and noemata cannot play his sound.
and noemata cannot show his sight.
and marc as well cannot play his sound.
and marc as well cannot show his sight.
and ivan fights again in silent film.
and noemata gathers all his strength.
no one shall know the feature of his strength.
no one shall know the bug of alans site.
the net is phished and indra fails to rise.
the mirrors cracked reflect the earth below.
the skein is torn domain-names flutter out.
the stake is poor and words are all we have.
imagine beauty in your blinded eye.
imagine sound within your deafened ear.
this is the world of text and poverty.
alas, poor yorick, we are out to sea.
noemata, they left you to your fate.
ivan, we cannot know your state.
marc, our loss is yours, we are now the weaker.
alan, pull our monitor and speaker.
words are dumb and braindead like the net.
phished out we havent any sites to let."
thus told her indra tolled for sound and sight.
were going fast into that dark good night.
were burning wires keeping up the fight.
ungentle-woman jennifer is bright.
and alan ragging raging turns the light.
to foreground earth and word and muted plight

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