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The Outline of the New Talk

         Completely constituted
      From synchronic/asynchronic
      To declarative/performative
        Safe words
        Rough spots
           Addictions, defuge
Net sexuality:
                 Broken conceptualisms
         Emergences, submergences
         Desiring machines
         Continuous repetition
Wild Theory
                 Third person (IRC, chat)
                 Second person (MOO, talker, MUD)
         CB radio (eyeballing)
                 First person (ytalk, Iphone, CuSeeMe)
             The MOO @dig home
               Scrolling on MOO, MUD, IRC
Membrane and Net, implicate ordering
                Digital reproducibilty and eternity
                 The performed body, body as instantiation
                     Confluence of both beneath the a/sign of desire
           Lag as breathing, rhythm, hypnotic
                 Smooth or clear passage (Usenet, Worldschat)
         Constructions of consumption
           Continuous governance, continuous presence
         Subjectivity as dispersion, dis/play, splay
         Continuous enfolding, engendering
         Wryting oneself in and out of existence
             Eternal presence in the 'online world'
             Guaranteed presence in the 'real world'
         Semantic part-objects interpenetrating applications, protocols
         Interpenetrations (does it make sense to ask the location
         Operation of lag (intended and non-intended)
                 Rite (email list, ThePalace)
         The (textual) lurker
         The (visible) lurker: slight change of body planes
                 of the mind)
There is no Net
         There is no theory
                         The structure of applications, protocols
         An issue of epistemology: Different phonemenological horizons
         An issue of ontology: Qualitative difference in being
The _tracing_ of the Net in terms of articulated fluxes:
from disorders of the real to dis-ordering the real
                 Rites of passage (logging on and off)
             The ytalk place
         ASCII unconscious, projections and introjections
      To the seamless virtual
         Operation of seduction
         Jennifer-Julu as splayed structures across apps, protocols
         Segmentation, liminal states
                         Arbitrary Jennifer-Julu structures
           Lag as structuring transfererence
         Jennifer-Julu as system resonances
     Net relationships tending towards perception (in-signia)
         Time on the Net parallel to space in the real
Hysteria and the Net:
Jennifer-Julu, pushing the boundaries:
               Representations of the interior of the body
               Representations of the states of the body (MUD)
         Language dispersion theories (Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite)
         But wild theory
            Place and time of the body:
Virtual embodiment, virtual subjectivity:
  Off-Net beginning with perception
  On-Net beginning with the signifier
           With or without lag
         Reading and writing _on_ the virtual-real body


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