The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 25, 2005


sondheim's Home dank

wait there's an image here there's no text here
somewhere la la la somewhere la la la
plumbing of the body sure it's a dream
or your face in the stadium of my mind please be kind

sondheim's Home undank

can you be my dank damp hankie i think you can!
because um you can cry in the universal raster
which glides maps articulates recuperates with the universal caster
yes i know you can! i think you know i can!

sondheim's Home danker

your tears! my damp hankie of your soul!
balm-salve for our wounds in solar universe
although last we would escape the curse
as salve-balm fumed our bodies through the world
wait! even more than that, somewhere else!

sondheim's Home dankest

my hankeye sex to your chimney heart
plumed fumarole of universal room
sex among all of the universal loom
of grid-loam loam-balm healing what we are feeling
(that) there is no feeling in space
there is no place dank and damp
it's atmospherics (for nothing survives


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