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     4 ^ 9 ^ U crossed the Jordan curve of brightness
in our afterglow of particulate matter
digital exhausts itself at the portal of the continuum
Patricia weaves her magick spells, diurnal recitation
while George accepts the platitudes of a grateful nation
returning homeward is a rule of thumb
the universe is one of no matter
how heavy the darkness upwells
and lightness is one of dark matter

sondheim's Home scratched

serrated edges characterize the universe
everything in the characterized universe rubs raw
the rubbed raw things of the universe aren't signs
what aren't signs crumble even in your dreams
crumbling things in dreams scratch out your name
your name's a sign of crumbling things
the sign of crumbling things drives off a cliff
this "image" doesn't do cliffs justice
cliff's justice is no image and no justice anyway

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