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April 6, 2005

the sunny side of normal
shoutout to gabe kristin joe & the rest

glass-block of soviet apartment complxes
a good cup of java

when you look out of the window < behind the glass
on a very sunny day < before the glass
and you're falling back to dreamland < within the glass
you'll whimper and you'll say < beneath the glass
"i want that good sweet coffee
i want it just right now
i'll sing this song so softly
i'll meditate on tao
get up talk a blue streak
and drink another cup
right now my brain is at its peak
i've got my dander up"
i looked out from that window < right through the glass
on that very sunny day < under the glass
and looked up what's a dander, < beyond the glass
and my anger, particles, flaked skin, < inside the glass
taking a walk, got away. < next to, or adjacent to, the glass


ADA spherics modeling


tending towards atmo(spherics)
asymptotic analog to digital to analog mapping
sounds something like this on a busy night
this is _not_ a "natural" planetary resonance
but a carefully constructed mimicry which,
once finished, runs.

     first item in spherics folder
spherics sphericsb

2nd item. the work speaks for itself.
have a fever slight headache. you can figure
out the whistlers, pops, grid hums

spherics sphericc

later. the formula uses 24 constants.
it's a question of continuous tuning.
everything narrows and comes into focus.
so there you are on a fifty-thousand mile
arc somewhere or other.

spherics sphdelta

it's so close so easy to think one's taking
the pulse of the universe, it's just a computation
but it's the atmospheric world, you can hear everything
that goes on and everywhere. now and then there's a
storm and the world gets together.

spherics sphergimbal

the last as errancy dominates,
vagrancy? processes just above the earth's
surface in the grand scheme of things.
taking the pulse of the universe, it's healthy,
we're not, goodbye.


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