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Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 19:26:37 -0300 (GMT-03:00)
Subject: Amazon News - April 14th, 2005

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Amazon News is a weekly information service provided by, the largest bilingual site on the Brazilian
Amazon region, in partnership with several Brazilian media.

Its publisher is Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, a
Brazilian non-profit and public interest registered organization.


The news this week:

Amazonas state's industry grows more than 20% and the industrial
sector's expansion leads
Radiobras - 04/12/2005

Cunha stats that another gunman was contracted
A Cr�tica - 04/12/2005

Prosecutor does not have doubts that plantation owners created
consortium to finance Stang's murder
Radiobras - 04/11/2005

Soybean sewing increases in the central region of Maranh�o
24 Horas News - 04/10/2005

Task force chief in the Roosevelt Indigenous Territory is indicted
for the killing of 29 miners
Rond� - 04/09/2005

Foreman points to Moura and Galvao as the masterminds behind the
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/09/2005

Ministry for Amazonia
Correio Braziliense - 04/08/2005

Another suspect is arrested for ordering the assassination of
Dorothy Stang
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/08/2005

Settlers go to Amazonia in search of cheap lands for extensive
Radiobras - 04/08/2005

Cattle-raisers want permission to regularize public lands larger
than 100 hectares in Amazonia
Radiobras - 04/08/2005

Hepatitis kills Matis adolescent in Manaus
Ag�ncia Estado - 04/07/2005

European companies request prohibition of illegal timber
Ag�ncia Estado - 04/07/2005

Population agrees to public hearing on BR-163 to discuss regional
Radiobras - 04/07/2005

CPI opens plantation owners' private information
Jornal do Brasil Online - 04/07/2005

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