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girl girl

coming too a-wandering down too too to boy girl much yes everything girl
gone girl girl girl girl yes girl softly too but softly a-wandering girl
girl girl girl gone animals a-wandering everything and boy went spun girl
girl their everything girl webs softly webs upon girl their their girl too
girl a-wandering plants murmuring girl upon frothed forth animals from and
forth womb webs moving womb raised forth from frothed animals frothed
luminous upon born glowing too raised girl summery girl went murmuring
girl a-wandering womb summery a-wandering darkly girl went girl girl girl
more raised and boy membranes darkly hairless forming luminous elf glowing
mouths come went mouths come more mouths elf hairless luminous hairless to
darkly boy marble girl oh girl and more hard oh more to elf more to girl's
more to girl came girl dreaming oh lulling boy oh harder down more girl's
to harder to touch hard to touch holding to touch down girl down much
harder coming gone girl boy girl sleep holding girl holes mummies
a-wandering to dreaming a-wandering girl dreaming gone but mummies girl
yes holes but too coming gone not girl girl not girl much and much not
girl but too gone boy boy and yes yes and boy


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