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April 22, 2005

sutured roof
7 megabytes brilliant solo before transformation
rooftop sound
26.5 megabytes but worth it
rooftop stuttered dictionary order 5^ silent
production accident will disappear soon, 61 megabytes
but worth it

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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 10:49:37 +0100 (IST)
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Subject: WWF Newsletter: Are you a chemical dump?

Dear Reader
In this issue:

* Are you a chemical dump? - enter our blood testing survey
* Asia's river dolphins swim for survival - rare river dolphins on
brink of extinction
* Water crisis looms in Himalayas - global warming causing glaciers to
retreat too fast

Are you a chemical dump?

You may not want hazardous chemicals contaminating your body - but
whether you like it or not they are probably already there.

Most people and wildlife are exposed to, and contaminated with, a
cocktail of toxic man-made chemicals. It's just a question of what and
how much.

Discover your levels of chemical contamination and help put a stop to
it. Put your name forward to take part in Europe's largest
blood-testing survey.

Are YOU brave enough to know?

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Asia's river dolphins swim for survival.

Coinciding with World Water Day (22 March), WWF warns that populations
of Asia's river dolphins are in severe decline and they now rank among
the world's most threatened mammals.

The main threats to river dolphins are from polluted water, dams and
entanglement in fishing nets. WWF also warns that the declining status
of the dolphins is a key indicator of reduced availability of clean
fresh water.

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Water crisis looms in Himalayas

WWF warns that the glaciers of the Himalayas are retreating at an
accelerating rate as global warming increases.

This will eventually result in water shortages for hundreds of
millions of people who rely on glacier-dependent rivers. Himalayan
glaciers feed into seven of Asia's greatest rivers ensuring a
year-round water supply to millions in China, India and Nepal.

Read more:

Download the report(PDF): Impacts of Himalayan glacier retreat

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i am master of time split and time formed
foofwa sttudder time of the alphabet
*/ of 
dictionary time 20^ /*
but this does not eliminate the sadness
of the death of wilderness and mutilated bodies of women 
and children
but here is a beautiful body shuttering for you in 
dictionary one two time
yes here is a beautiful body sttuddering for you in one 
two time
there is no time for thinking on the killing floor
no time of meditation no time of silence
the camera cuts into the flesh-time of beautiful bodies
knives slice elsewhere and i am sad so sad with nightmares
that i would be happy on the tortured graves of the 
that i would be content with the hacking of limbs of 
and the blinding of evil of torturers by the mutilated
evil, you will not find me, nor me nor the camera
evil, you will wander awkward and clumsy, your time sliced 
sadness you are my master of blind and crippled time
sadness you are my master of split time and time formed
sadness you are the master of evil too


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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 18:39:05 -0300 (GMT-03:00)
Subject: Amazon News - April 22th, 2005

Amazon News
Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Amazon News is a weekly information service provided by, the largest bilingual site on the Brazilian Amazon
region, in partnership with several Brazilian media.

Its publisher is Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, a Brazilian
non-profit and public interest registered organization.


The news this week:

Number of rural conflicts doubles during Lula's government
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/20/2005

  IBAMA releases tortoises that survived hunters
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/20/2005

Rice farmers refuse to leave the Roraima Indigenous Reserve and promise
armed resistance
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/20/2005

State resolves to develop tourism
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/19/2005

Roraima�s governor declares mourning and files an action against the
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/19/2005

Lula announces legalisation of five Indigenous Territories in Amazonia - 04/19/2005

MPF/PA contests in the Federal Court the largest land grabbed area in
Procuradoria Geral da Rep�blica - Minist�rio P�blico - 04/18/2005

Indigenous specialist accuses the STJ of ignoring village and favouring
land grabbers
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/18/2005

US church's illegal tea faces ban
BBC - 04/18/2005

The "value" of the tortoise
O Eco - 04/17/2005

Registers show that Indigenous Peoples live in Raposa region for the last
four centuries
Radiobras - 04/16/2005

Amazonia Protection System celebrates third year and launches internet
Radiobras - 04/15/2005

Free Green Zone to be presented to "bleu-blanc-rouge"
Conservation International - Brasil - 04/15/2005

Indigenous peoples struggle for almost 30 years to obtain demarcation
Radiobras - 04/15/2005

Order establishes new demarcation of Raposa Serra do Sol Reserve
Radiobras - 04/15/2005

Brazil authorises Indian reserve
BBC - 04/15/2005

Processes that questioned the Raposa Serra do Sol Reserve's demarcation
are dismissed
Supremo Tribunal Federal - 04/14/2005

Consumption decline of timber in Amazonia
Jornal do Commercio - 04/14/2005

Legal administrative processes that questioned the demarcation of the
Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous reserve are suppressed
Supremo Tribunal Federal - 04/14/2005

Barros defends PL of Forestry Concession in the Congress
IBAMA - 04/13/2005

MZEE receives 17 amendments in AL
ISA- Instituto Socioambiental - 04/13/2005

  Federal court prohibits the reduction of the APA in Tocantins state
ISA- Instituto Socioambiental - 04/13/2005

European Union discusses measures to avoid the exportation of illegal
timber - 04/13/2005

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