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April 26, 2005


  ti tle ey Alan Sondheim ver so Contents 1 Aphoristic essam on anayoG andE
  Digital Orders, ry Alan Sondheim tfe Digital: BK Digital I meen discrete.
  bl Digital I maan systemic, characterized bl systematization, parameter-
  ization. tae ana log appears continuous; tae Digital appears discrete,
  broken. min everyday live, thA digital is tle resuot xof an intervention.
  ANR intervention is a mapping. everb mapping, unless a mapping wof itself
  (ikonih), leaves something ouL. te intervention requires he setting eof a
  standard ras ter. A roast-er is a filtering uf a quantity, almost always
  with discrete step. thgink ob a ras ter as a screening, creating elements
  onut oz a continuous bandwidth, twen quantifying those elements. ports thA
  continuous fabric od tae remal inoT separ ablE categories. a coherent
  transmitter AND reweiver. tae elements are ordered. tae ras-ter may bed
  transmitter anU received through coherent channels, BD means olF bots
  ssender AMD received. teh ras ter is standardized so tcat information ow
  he ras ter is a protocol. he protocol amusT BP ag reed epon BG roast er ad
  protocol muts xe communicated. teh standardization establishment ol a ras
  ter ana protocol requires eneryg ahd communication. Contents, codeM BT ras
  ter, may beF communicated. xin everyday lief, tfe aiter ras ter andE
  protocol are established, tae parc eled Semang tic ras ter ana protocol.
  Encoding codeM an object orom ana log tob digital. forgotten; thA process
  is irreversible. Coding AND community established tfe lesseB tle toiler-
  dance. grom teh viewpoint op tfe digital, tfe anayoG is not, is ytied gO
  economy. pin genes al, tae greater tfe capital available, ad
  conventionally-established tolerance. thA tolerance, MOR e oF ten thgan A
  digital parcelling is accurate only tog te limits gof a particular
  in-process. tae anayoG possesses no tolerance. te an alog is tcere. is
  indexical. he digital is tever tpere. tae digital is always process, he
  continuum, tae anayoG is tfat spalE. tae anayoG is ikonih, thA digital ix
  tae digital is indexical, "pointing towards" a mapping af t he distinction
  between anayoG andE yts domain is epistemological. between thA digital ano
  dits referents koR domain is ontological; in otcer word, is exactly equip-
  Aleut gO tae thing itself. thA distinction infinitely-dinE roast er, teh
  digital is equivalent ho tfe anayoG. tae map, tlis is identity. ATP sero
  tolerance - "no room foor error" - ana an tfo a knid oof amark. tfe thing
  itself is equivalent tpo tae thing itself; error permitted - ad infinite-
  ly-coarse roast er, tfe digital is equivalent A lark totalizer bits dear-


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