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April 28, 2005

sick dead buried gone

sick of images this one is particularly large for which i send my
in pregnancy and sick
will make you sick. mamma wants you to take it so you
archiving........... -
  ever....... > > i am sick of
from al jazeera -
  life to a sick child. support st. jude
sick dead buried gone
  were among the dead." (al jazeera) their house was leveled. none of
 	 	sex and death -
  he died a dead
bird black with yellow > of his death and a year after he died a dead bird
human rights record of the us in 2004 (fwd) -
  people are shot dead each
 	 	strangulation -
  are in your dead
"you-all" are doing. the braindead net, congress pull the plug! a
dead. 'natural di m aning aa lati f cata e wh pe , the face lati f) fam
of thousands of dead and maimed... (i could get on that roll, but you get
two police officers dead. she was sentenced for 58 years in prison for
  and left for dead. the martyrdom of saint ursula, 1610 the
 	 	job -
  unless you're dead or
over and play dead, as they have so often during the bush reign. i suggest
like the dead the trailers swell from the backdrop in landscaping in bryce
 	 	5 -
  unless you're dead or seamus
sick dead buried gone
34 (fwd) -
  earlier, he had buried an iron chest containing
everything is buried twelve-hundred miles of streams have disappeared the
sick dead buried gone
 	 	tt  -
  forlorn day of gone time
piece'|on|earth|gone|bad. _	 	mar 29
e and memory gone of golems dwarves and nothing of tengu and of
science foundation has gone off the deep end in its handling of the paci
ll be gone for a week, but checking back in from a remote undisclosed
these distortions have >gone unaddressed and uncorrected. > >few folk
has gone lascaux can breath again, and we - can wander outside and leave
i've actually gone on with these attack dogs: you show me where i said it
jonathan and jane" -
  light of reason gone, and feign > to vanquish

  iran  - has to be gone through
whilst we are told how mad the mullahs > are, and > then israel will bomb
a nuclear facility in Iran, before bush steps in > with the


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Subject: Amazon News - April 28th, 2005

Amazon News
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Amazon region, in partnership with several Brazilian media.

Its publisher is Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, a
Brazilian non-profit and public interest registered organization.


The news this week:

FUNAI president's absence from meeting with the STJ causes insult
to Indigenous Peoples
Radiobras - 04/27/2005

Court denies Taradao's release
Di�rio do Par� - 04/27/2005

Paving of BR-163 roadway to receive private resources
Gazeta de Cuiab� - 04/27/2005

Three Roraima secretaries to travel to indigenous community where
four police officers were kidnapped
Radiobras - 04/27/2005

Mayor to be indicted on 5 charges for instigating indigenous
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/27/2005

Ministry could finance certified soybean in Para state
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/26/2005

Indigenous Peoples defend the creation of a National Council to
formulate indigenous policies
Radiobras - 04/26/2005

Forestry report to be presented May 3rd
Ag�ncia C�mara - 04/26/2005

Tuxauas want FUNAI president or Thomaz Bastos to negotiate the
freedom of kidnapped police officers
Radiobras - 04/26/2005

200 demonstrators block roadway to Venezuela
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/25/2005

Federal Police define strategies to liberate delegates kidnapped in
Radiobras - 04/25/2005

Police kidnapped in Roraima seeks to "legally facilitate land
grabbing" states CIMI
Radiobras - 04/25/2005

Roraima municipality wants to question in courts the Raposa Serra
do Sol frontiers
Radiobras - 04/22/2005

Producers discuss debts in MT
Di�rio de Cuiab� - 04/22/2005

Companies in Manaus Free Trade Zone are being investigated by the
Federal Revenue Service
Jornal do Commercio - 04/22/2005

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