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May 5, 2005

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Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 11:46:33 -0400
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Subject: Physics News Update 730

The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News
Number 730 May 5, 2005  by Phillip F. Schewe, Ben Stein

ROOM TEMPERATURE LIQUID SODIUM can occur but only under pressures of
a million atmospheres.  Melting is a mystery.  It happens when the
thermal agitation among atoms in a solid overcomes the inter-atom
bonds.  Applying pressure to a solid sample usually helps to negate
the effect of thermal agitation and so the melting temperature
usually goes up with pressure.  In a few materials, such as water,
above a certain pressure the melting point begins to drop.  Now, the
most dramatic case yet seen of such a "negative melting curve" has
been studied by scientists at the Carnegie Institution of Washington
looking at one of the simplest metals known, sodium. What happens is
this:  With zero pressure applied, sodium melts at a temperature of
371 K.  As pressure is added, the melting temperature goes up too,
up to 1000 K at a pressure of 30 giga-pascals (30 GPa), or about
300,000 atm.  Then strange things happen.  As the pressure is taken
up further, the melting point starts to drop, reaching a low of 300
K (below its ambient melting point) at pressures of 118 GPa (see
graph at  All previous materials exhibiting
negative melting curves have gone negative very reluctantly, over
pressure ranges of a few GPa or temperature ranges of a few K.
Sodium, by contrast, goes negative over a range of 700 K and 80
GPa.  According to Carnegie researcher Eugene Gregoryanz
(, at a pressure of a million atmospheres
his sodium sample melts at room temperature.  The liquid is denser
than the solid (water shares this trait), and might have strange
plastic or mechanical properties.  It might even be superconducting
under some circumstances, he says.  (Gregoryanz et al., Physical
Review Letters, upcoming article)

AN OPTICAL CONVEYOR BELT for moving sub-micron objects has been
achieved by collaborating physicists at the Institute of Scientific
Instruments in Brno, Czech Republic and at the University of St.
Andrews in Scotland. Their set-up used a special type of
non-diffracting laser light that forms a very narrow beam existing
over long distance without changing its width.  Two such
counter-propagating laser beams establish up a lace-like standing
wave pattern which  can suspend and hold tiny polystyrene spheres of
just the right size.  The balls, which range in size from 400 nm to
one micron,
have a density comparable to water. Previously, scientists have used
such non-diffracting "optical lace" beams to move particles with the
force of radiation pressure, but without the ability to stop them
using only a single beam. The Czech and Scottish
researchers, by contrast, set up a light lace pattern with numerous
knots, corresponding to intensity maxima (antinodes) of the standing
wave.  Furthermore a particle can be confined near a knot and all
the knots can then be moved simultaneously over large distances by
changing the  relative phases of the counter-propagating laser
beams. Moreover
thanks to the self-healing property of the non-diffracting beams,
many particles can be confined simultaneously in the standing wave
structure (near the knots) without significantly spoiling the beam
properties. The positioning accuracy, related to the precision of
the phase shift and the optical trap depth (the size of the knots),
is at the micron level and will get better.  Pavel Zemanek
( says that possible applications for his device
include the delivery of biological or colloidal microparticles or
even ultracold atoms.  (Cizmar et al., Applied Physics Letters, 25
April 2005; lab site at ) (A few years we
wrote about a different kind of photon conveyor belt: )

CORRECTION: In the item on pyrofusion (Update 729, Item 1), the
tungsten tip is actually positively charged, so that it and the
pyroelectric crystal both repel the positive deuterium ions towards
a solid deuterium-containing target.

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"Seyhan Erozcelik"

(written for Murat Nemer-Nejat in relation to his EDA: An Anthology
of Contemporary Turkish Poetry, Talisman, 2004)

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n Hatipoglu, G
nal, ozdemir
nce, ...
    gore ve yayinevine gore duzenlendi. seyhan, er
K, seyhan, erozcelik,
    (grimak, 11.02.2003 12:27). hafiften de
il, a
r ar
r seyhan. seyhan alkol
    biraktiysa, hayatin dengesi bozulmustur; olmaz, olmamali...
    19:22 ~ 19:29). nahid firatli. -$airlerin miknatisi topraga
    kari$ti...- / seyhan erozcelik ic. radikal
    21.05.2002 edebiyat ogretmeni ...
    sira $ekli alfa-beta, r. yeni-eski, gudik. tarih araligi $urdan
    bir vakte kadar bir avuc yazar ile uc avuc okuru bulusturacak, yaz
    metnini sayginligiyla orantili bir yalinlik icinde ihtiyaci
    olanlara ta
iyacak eski usul ...
    (1962- ). SEYHAN ER
r melek, g
lgeli yerlerinde u
urdu, parmak u
    titredim ...
    Seyhan Er
    City/Date : Istanbul
    City/Date : Istanbul
    City/Date : Istanbul
    ISTANBUL Her yil sair Behcet Necatigilin dogum gununde verilen
    Necatigil Siir Odulu bu yil duzenlenen torenle sair
    Seyhan Erozcelike verildi. Seyhan
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    "Seyhan Erozchelik" 'false' false 0 false 0
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Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 10:49:59 -0400
Subject: [public-news-alert] Census Bureau News -- Dynamics of Economic
     Well-Being: Moving Up and Down the Income Ladder, 1998 to 1999


P70-100  Dynamics of Economic Well-Being: Moving Up and Down the Income
Ladder, 1998 to 1999

No news release associated with this report -- Tip Sheet Only item

National survey information on the large majority of the population that
experiences either an increase or a decline in their income ratio of at
least 5 percent or more from one year to the next.

The report can be found at <

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Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 18:30:39 -0300 (GMT-03:00)
Subject: Amazon News - May 5th, 2005

Amazon News
Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon <?xml:namespace prefix = o
ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Amazon News is a weekly information service provided by, the largest bilingual site on the Brazilian
Amazon region, in partnership with several Brazilian media.

Its publisher is Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, a
Brazilian non-profit and public interest registered organization.


The news this week:

Judge decrees prison for Stang's settlers in Para - 05/04/2005

Lawyer sees corruption in FEMA
Gazeta de Cuiab� - 05/04/2005

Lowest GIPs in the north of Brazil are in Tocantins
Jornal do Tocantins - 05/04/2005

Lower Amazonas has 12 thousand indigenous persons without
A Cr�tica - 05/04/2005

Agriculturists invade the INCRA and IBAMA offices
O Liberal - 05/04/2005

Workers in slave-like conditions in Para state received
Radiobras - 05/03/2005

FUNAI applies indigenous development program in Raposa Serra do Sol
Radiobras - 05/03/2005
State appeals decision prohibiting reduction of APA
Jornal do Tocantins - 05/03/2005

MP requests blocking of Teresa Juca's properties and goods
Correio Braziliense - 05/02/2005

Indigenous persons demand that federal police leave reserve in
Roraima state
O Estado de S.Paulo - 05/02/2005

Brazilian Indians free policemen
BBC - 05/02/2005

Macuxi free federal police held as hostages on the Raposa Serra do
Sol Indigenous Territory
Radiobras - 04/30/2005

The federal government holds meeting in Roraima in an attempt to
resolve the kidnapped police impasse
Radiobras - 04/29/2005

PF has permission to rescue hostages
Correio Braziliense - 04/29/2005

Bastos warns: negotiation on the reserve has limits
O Estado de S.Paulo - 04/29/2005

State secretary of Roraima states that the situation in the Flechal
village is even more tense
Radiobras - 04/29/2005

Ministry of Justice agrees to create the National Council on
Indigenous Policy
ISA- Instituto Socioambiental - 04/29/2005

IBAMA to monitor by satellite timber transport in the Amazonia
Radiobras - 04/28/2005

Negotiation to liberate police in Roraima state fails
Correio Braziliense - 04/28/2005

INCRA to invest R$ 4 million in technical assistance for
settlements in Amazonas
Radiobras - 04/28/2005

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