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May 7, 2005

(for Murat)

       Oktay Rifatiim

       "Oktay Rifatiim"
       Oktay Rifat (Horozcu) (1914 - 1988). His poems iniim
    AMI YAPITLARI Oktay Rifatiim.
       Oktay Riim
    tRaif vectors non-kosheriim
       OKAY OKTAY!
       OKAY OKTAY!
       Oktay Rifatiim
    er Oktayiim
       Oktay Rifatiim
       "Oktay Rifatiim"
    hooved animals / shell-fishiim
       Oktay Rifat (Horozcu) (1914 - 1988). His poems iniim
    AMI YAPITLARI Oktay Rifatiim.
       Oktay Rifatiim
    I can imagine the seals or Hittite that early Indo-Europeaniim
       Rifat kitaplariim
       Oktay Rifat iim
       English. Yasami ve Eserleri (Turkish, ``Modern Turkiim
    FAT HOROZCU. Haziim
    FAT . Pencere . Ekmek Ve Yiim
    HITTITE FURY beyond the Tocharianiim!
       true OKTAY RIFATiim.
    FAT (1914-1988). TELEFON Giim
     II: OKTAY RIFATiim.
    I want Mitanni their horse-prowessiim!
       RIFAT, OKTAY ADAM yay. 1999, Fiyatiim
    FAT, oktay, rifat, OKTAYiim,
    It's way past Sumeriim -
    Look, Oktay, it's water!



1999, / AMI early Rift that animals trail YIPPEE! Fiat I animals vex FAT, Fiat 
vex (Whore) (Whore) Look, (Whore) in Ok in Rift OKAY Ok imagine past way 
English. way past

non-kosher poems Ok the early Rift / Yirm horse-prowling! FURY AMI Ok trail or 
1999, Ok AMI horse-prowling! English. imagine Pence Ok-tay YIPPEE! that animals 
it's FON ADAM OKAY! FAT I Tocharian! Rift tay YIPPEE in Grim Fiat vex tay vex 
summering FON Rift.

It's Look, - OKIE, FAT, ribat, it's Rift AMI Okay His (Whore) (Whore) in OKAY 
Rift hooked tay Rift Ok Okay!!! Okay Okay can can Ok in YIPPEE! imagine Rift 
Turkism WHORING ``Modern Yas English. (Turkish, . OKAY FON TELE true FURY 
Tocharian! II: 1999, way past ribat, yaya. 1999, It's


(for Murat)


I wander up and down in my father's caravan.
The camels are old   they are laden with wine and cloth
And the ground yes the ground is stony and hard to traverse
The camels move and I   I work back across the limits
from one end to the other covering double the distance perhaps
Perhaps covering half   or now a slow wave my father's caravan
and I walking   the route of the stony ground

""Ankara is a wife, Istanbul a mistress"" (Murat) that is to say
Ankara geveret Istanbul isha    no that is incorrect, it means
nothing in no language    I walk back against the dark order
of forgotten language   the camels   gamal   they are walking
the cliffs

Between them there is a woman

Among them a woman  More and more is forgotten   the brass
knives    something for food   jewels pale before her   It is an
illness this mind   going quickly   I will beg of the doctor   I
will say  hasten my death faster than this   this forgetting
I will cease walking   after all it is only one   an end
to the other


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