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May 10, 2005

the hiatus

the bare bones, the reworked text.
the apathetic structure uniq -f|s|d.
the cathectic structure < consciousness >
  <here later I will build upon Penrose's 3-sphere/world theory,
   which I developed independently in 1971.
  <I use the notions of immersive and definable structures in relation
   to graph/networks which possess state or operator diagrams.
  <I show how specific mappings may occur between phenomenological,
   abstract, and physical entities.
  <I demonstrate how such mappings require phenomenological processes,
   self-contradictory and contradictory processes, and strictly defined
  (I explain how such processes interrelate,
  (below is an exercise, an hiatus.

just a second now just a minute

problem. What is the problem in case A? What is the problem in case B?

plateglass window.

on it"


.e brings you back home to me
.e brings you back home to me
.e can't kill any more
.e crashes smashes lashes dashes stashes

says: ok


indirect addressing.

then: No such file or directory

il, a

lgeli yerlerinde u
    titredim ...


the cliffs.

problem. What is the problem in case A? What is the problem in case B?

then: No such file or directory

just a second now just a minute

problem. What is the problem in case A? What is the problem in case B?



anything for some stability. i want to continue to live here. i'm a mess.
everything is changing. we are going away for three and a half months.
almost four months. our cat will be left behind. where is my daughter, my
father, where are my closest friends. i know how to walk anywhere here
with my eyes closed. i want to work on my essays. i'm too tired. i want to
think clearly. i dream of a clean white university like a pure white room
with space for writing and students at the door. i dream of conversations
well into the night and a community of thinkers and advancements i could
never have conceived on my own. i think of adequate health-care and no
more stress or insomnia or pains or those troubles which tender an early
death. in the white room where there is health care and good meals and
azure and i take walks in the bracken and it is in the middle of new york
city and there is the latest and greatest coming down the street marching
down the street and every street in fact. i am a misspent and
misconfigured life and a life that has missed down to the very root of
things. i want to wake up and not feel desperate just for a day an hour
just for a minute. i want to keep despair to keep age illness death at the
door. do not mind me if i die but not at the door not at the door of the
white room while we travel across the country in a high speed old car and
crash somewhere outside nebraska before kansas after utah below montana to
the right of ohio to the left of arkansas. we will survive and we will be
stable and just as now and computers and cameras will scatter furiously
and disappear in this most unstable of dreams i cannot leave and which is
killing me. i am always in a state of mourning a continuous state of
mourning and when did i begin to write in run on sentences as if the comma
were another prison. there is mourning and there is mourning and it is yet
the nature of depression to mourn for the smallest things the tiniest
things in the world as if the world were in the constancy of failure which
it is. we ignore the world to breathe and if we saw the world with the
clarity of true and proper vision we would back fall in a false swoon the
breath gone out from us. we would back fall because we would unstable
because the world would sadden and unstable us. oh for a stable world for
a white room where i can think even just for a moment even the slightest
thought. of which this is not one. of which this could not possibly be
one. or could it, i just don't know.


Note towards a foundational phenomenology of analogic/discrete 'domains.'

Until we understand the deep ontological and epistemological issues invol-
ving the analogic and discrete (digital), we will get nowhere.

It must be within the wave equation and its collapse that the solution to
these conceivable orders will be found.

Measurement = judgment, culture; the collapse is to the discrete. Wolfram
remains there; the wave equation and its ontology otherwise; Penrose on
the cusp of the dialectic; Hawking dismisses the problem through positiv-
ism. But the orders remain such, effloresce on the level of the life-world
where the digital exists under the aegis of fabrication, and the analogic
prohibits the jump-cut outside of mental phenomena.

Certainly it is within the collapse of the wave equation that the phenom-
enology of consciousness, the abstract and the physical, meet. Contradic-
tions appear almost across the board. Each tugs at the other.

One is unwilling to give up the primacy of the physical because of its
immensity. It is difficult, even from a platonic viewpoint, to comprehend
the immensity of the abstract as well - it pales by comparison. As for
consciousness, it seems the weakest of all, certainly the most fragile. It
is within consciousness that the annihilation and creation of historical
memory occur.

There are no events in the abstract. Consciousness and the physical are
temporal; the physical and the abstract describe spaces; consciousness and
the abstract describe networks. Within consciousness, from the network to
the membrane. Within the physical, from spacetime to its incoherence. And
within the abstract, axiomatics to their dissolution.

Mathesis tends towards rounding and the discrete (digital); consciousness
tends towards sharpening and the analogic; the physical world collapses
among them.

Perhaps the collapse is incomprehensible in terms of a unifying theory. I
agree with Penrose that both U and R are real physical processes. (I have
no proof of this of course; it _fits._) In any case measurement brings out
the artifactual nature of the digital, as well as the choice of variables,
tolerances, apparatus, etc., and all in relation to background noise.

Thinking gets to the bottom of everything. Thinking gets to the bottom of
nothing; it is both full, replete, and absent.

To think _fully_ the a/d divide/continuum (along with this infinite reg-
ress) is to assume familiarity with mathematical physics, phenomenology,
engineering, neurophysiology, as well as philosophy, aesthetics, computer
science. Without these backgrounds, analysis remains on the level of life-
world phenomena, the symptomatic. As the symptomatic expands, so does the
metaphoric superstructure; before long, one is off and running in any
number of useless directions as image builds on image. This is the wave
part of the phenomenon; the collapse is absent as testability recedes. My
personal danger is to avoid confusion on one hand, and these metaphoric
ruminations as anything but fantasy, on the other.

There are also the results in microsound, in digital audio reproduction,
in compression algorithms and raster scans at the limits, in the mathe-
matics of human cognition, in cellular automata. Expansion frays at the
edges; nothing is achieved. Just as confusion is the result of metaphoric
expansion, it is also the result of an efflorescence of roots.

( And it's in codework that the mix of analogic and discrete 'ordering,'
with resulting 'broken' image and imaginary, that the aesthetics of
expansion and collapse - of metaphor and binary for example - plays out.
In this sense all communication among organisms, participates in signal
and emotional contexting, reduction and aura.

Gestalt is both surplus and reduction. The inhabiting of text is analogic,
no matter the discrete (ascii, tcp/ip) elements (protocols) at work.
Between inhabitation and the seizure of the symbol lies anxiety, dis/com-
fort, the political.

The collapse of the wave equation, Penrose's U -> R, Bell's theorem,
_bother_ us. Communication leaks; the mechanics transform (in Irigarayan
terms) from fluid to mechanical to the uneasy gnawing of a _mix._ Think of
Kristeva's abject for example, or Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel's work. Think
of a kind of transitional object carrying the all-too-evident seeds of
decay within it, the teddy-bear leaking stuffing.

The bothering is political; we would do anything to erase it! Purity, the
sensual absence of corruption, is primary to governance, where, for
example, justice is forced into equivalence with law.

One should learn from the R Yes|No measurement that decision, at the
bottom, is independent. 'The best-laid plans of mice and men often go
astray'; and are _inherently_ astray. They are never plans until observed
- when the secret's out. Code hides and reveals, checksumming a relative
assurance of purity. Beyond that, there is nothing but plasma analogic,
and the digital grave. )


- Do check out Ana's website; I've always been fascinated by the edge and 
terseness of her work.

- Alan

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Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 17:09:25 +0100
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Thanks, Alan.

Yes, it's true, 'the death of the author' ...

OK, my website (emotional mobile studio) is at:

A short intro to it:

Ana Buigues (Made in Spain. Val�ncia, 1962) has a 'taller m�vil emocional'
(emotional mobile studio) located halfway through her portable computer,
electronic organizer, cameras, and cell phone, from which a series of
images, meditations,, and projects have sprung.

Ana also works as

.Guerrera del Interfaz  [a politically committed heroine] and as
.Vincent Fourier  [a politically disenchanted persona].

Ana's works focus on the [in] visible, the unsayable, and the private
spaces that embrace interiority, catalyzed through digital technology,
communications devices, and the accidents of losing data (feelings &
She speaks about the conversion of words/files through computer protocols
algorithms as a metaphor for the artificiality of language to put our
chaos into intellectual order commenting upon the Cartesian body-mind split
theory and Turing machines.  Her pieces emphasize psychoemotional drives,
unfinished/unpolished, fragmentation and betweenness, the provisional as
permanent, and traveling.

> From 1990 to 2002, Ana lived in Alberta, Qu�bec, and Ontario.  She is
living in Val�ncia. Her linguistic vocabulary mixes Canadian Anglophony,
Catalan from the Valencian region, baroque Castilian, and French.


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> I don't think there's any need to say whose image the 'original was'. I
> was curious. By the way, everyone should go to your website - the work is
> wonderful - could you provide a brief description possibly? - Alan
> ( URLs/DVDs/CDroms/books/etc. see )
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