The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 11, 2005

Contact Information, Alan Sondheim & Azure Carter

Please note -

We will leave NYC this Saturday and traveling until June 11th.

- From June 11th on -

Alan Sondheim and Azure Carter
c/o Grand Central Art Center
125 North Broadway, Suite A
Santa Ana, CA, 92701

Mail will be held for us; the address is already good

Email,, -

Cell phone 718-813-3285 - good now

Home phone after June 11th - 714-664-8926

Grand Central Art Center is at

Thanks, Alan and Azure, and apologies for cross-posting

this is a world where my mother landed
she fell topsy-turvy out of the sky
it's amazing that she rolled towards the launchpad
to and fro it's the same thing she always said

she battled enormous monsters but was eaten out
just when she least expected it her body turned
well her body said look here i'm someone else
and i'm so very tired of living so very tired of life


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