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Subject: Amazon News - May 12th, 2005

Amazon News
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Amazon News is a weekly information service provided by, the largest bilingual site on the Brazilian Amazon
region, in partnership with several Brazilian media.

Its publisher is Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, a Brazilian
non-profit and public interest registered organization.


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The news this week:

Brazil's 'slave' ranch workers
BBC - 05/11/2005

Brazilian chief calls for tools to help save land from 'white man'
The Guardian - 05/11/2005

Boats offer services and seek votes
Jornal do Brasil - 05/09/2005

2003 study will orient decision regarding federal land concessions in
Roraima state
Radiobras - 05/09/2005

Empire offers devastation
O Eco - 05/08/2005

Mud, potholes and the forest await asphalting. However tolls are already
O Estado de S.Paulo - 05/08/2005

Government to create commission to study concessions on federal lands in
Radiobras - 05/06/2005

IBGE takes away a piece of Amazonas state, which will appeal the decision
O Estado de S.Paulo - 05/06/2005

Jatene ratifies ZEE law in Maraba
Ag�ncia Par� - 05/06/2005

Federal government announces five measures for the Raposa Serra do Sol TI
in Roraima state
Radiobras - 05/05/2005
For the Secretary, deforestation rate is unacceptable but stable
O Estado de S.Paulo - 05/05/2005

Ministry of Health refutes report from the WHO on malaria
Radiobras - 05/05/2005

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