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As the open spaces of the internet narrow between bureaucracy and greed,
email lists become ever more important. The aim of WRYTING-L is to
maintain a balance between dissemination and conversation, to offer the
possibility of a space of writing not overdetermined by academic rule,
party line or limit of genre. All kinds of writing and discussion are
welcome. The list is run with a minimum of management by Ryan Whyte and
Alan Sondheim and is open to all.

WRYTING-L is an email list for theory and writing, focusing on texts and
comments presented by the participants. The list is managed out of the
Department of History of Art at the University of Toronto. It is open to
anyone, in or outside the University.  The object is to provide a forum
for writing and theory that may not fit within the confines of a
particular discipline, in recognition of the recent interest in operating
between and across theories and genres in the humanities and beyond.

We're interested in all sorts of issues - 'avant-garde' pieces,
psychoanalytical, phenomenological, or deconstructive approaches, etc.

Wryting is cross-platform, cross-gender, cross-reason;  it may involve
embodiments of reader and writer, codework and sestinas, abstract
language, the collapse of genre.

If you are working with images, please give a URL; they won't come through
the list. If you are working on an extremely long piece, you might want to
give a URL as well (there is a 500-line limit on every post).

WRYTING-L stems from the older fiction-of-philosophy list, which presented
work between literature and theory, fiction and poetry, philosophy and
lyric, and so forth. Any discussion and original work is welcome. To join
send the message

"subscribe wryting-l [your email address] [your name]"

without the quotation marks and square brackets to

Please send queries to

A digest option is available.


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