The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

of the job, of its execution
of the raging storm, of my ...

>> Try this, or nothing!
Unknown command.

>> A file attached to this email was removed
Unknown command.

>> because it was infected with a virus.
Unknown command.

>> Result: A virus was detected and its name was
Unknown command.

>> Virus Name: Storm and sadness, my ...
Unknown command.

>> Result: deleted
Unknown command.

- and job execution complete.

Was the job executed, i.e. rendered impotent?
Was it carried out on a stretcher?
Sic it, as in sicked it, sicced it.
The dog chases the virus, fast catch, my beloved books are saved.
Raging fire, my beloved books are saved.
Raging torrent, my ...
Raging storm, my ...
Raging flood, my ...
Raging battle, my ...
But not raging sickness nor raging job, and not raging books, and not
raging dogs
Not raging not this night nor any other, my ...
my ...


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