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May 17, 2005

The Apt Word

To write modernism is to write in voiceless voice.
To write in voiceless voice is an enunciation.
The enunciated is always pronounced.
This is based on the apt word.
Whatever I write, there is the apt word.
In terms of cleverness, the reader desires this, the apt word.
The apt word makes one famous, i.e. on the road to fame.
Apt may be an apt word.
Writing this style is always a well-honed craft.
I try to procure your agreement or perhaps disagreement.
My taste is apparent on the page.
I am an expert in the use of words and their exactitude.
More specifically, the apt words.
Every phrase, every poem, is a composition.
The poet works hard at the composition, every word must fit.
The fit word is the apt word, both harmonious and perfect.
A poet claws its way to the apt word and beyond.
There is light on the other side of the apt word.
The apt word must not appear contrived.
Or it must appear contrived as a collusion between reader and writer.
The apt word must be secretly clever.
Or it must appear clever as such a collusion.
It's nature, the apt word, unnoticed but graces a reputation.
The audience knows the poet by the apt word.
Every poet has a different approach to the apt word.
And every poet has a different approach to the rest of it.
But it is all carefully crafted and that is why we care about poets.
And it is beautifully written and full of surprises.
And that is why we care about poetry.
I am serious about this, this apt word.
It is a well-turned phrase that contributes to the whole.
In a sense it is the whole.
Love language, love the apt, advertising and poetry pick and choose.
Here I am writing, searching for the perfect form.
Oh there must be more to this than that, there is not.
My words are perhaps not apt enough.
My turns of phrase...


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