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May 18, 2005

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  World Wildlife Fund
  E-newsletter for a Living Planet
  May 2005


In this issue
   *Rediscovering the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
   *WWF Helps Save Injured Elephant
   *Gardening With a Truly Green Thumb
   *The Power of Just $5/month...
   *An Auction to Help WWF in Canada

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* Hot Topics *

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* Do You Know? *

What percent of the world's chameleon species are native to

a. 25%

b. 54%

c. 67%

d. 97%

Question submitted by:
Rachel F.
Jacksonville, FL

Have a great animal question?
Email it to us!

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* Celebrity Species*
Rediscovering the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

A major victory for nature was won last month when The Nature
Conservancy and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology reported
that an ivory-billed woodpecker had been spotted for the first
time in more than 60 years in the Big Woods of eastern Arkansas.
The discovery of an ivory-billed, long thought extinct due to
habitat loss, has been praised by many as finding "nature's Holy
Grail."  This rare second chance from nature has given us
highlights the need to preserve intact the world's critical

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (Campephilus principalis)
Habitat: Only known location: Big Woods, Arkansas
Diet: Carpenter ants and several varieties of wood-boring
Threats: Critically endangered (thought to be extinct) from
habitat loss
Fun Fact: Large woodpeckers like the ivory-billed and pileated
(which look  quite similar) often make themselves heard before
they are seen by pounding large holes into trees.

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* In the Field*
WWF Rehabs, Releases Injured Pygmy Elephant

Two years of hobbling on an injured leg have come to an end for
Kaki - thanks to WWF staff and Malaysian wildlife officials who
rescued and saved the young pygmy elephant in Borneo. Kaki -
which means "foot" or "leg" in Malay - caught her foot in an
illegally set wildlife snare. Unfortunately these snares are all
too common in Borneo, and the wounds they inflict can cause
life-threatening infections if left untreated. With only 1,600
pygmy elephants left in the wild on Borneo, it is important to
protect all the remaining individuals, and thanks to the efforts
of WWF staff in Borneo, Kaki is one more pygmy elephant that has
a chance to make it to adulthood. Learn more about her rescue.

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*Get Involved*
Gardening With a Truly Green Thumb

Spring is finally upon us, and as you prepare for planting, keep
in mind that gardening with the environment in mind allows you
to enjoy nature while helping to maintain healthy ecosystems.
WWF compiled over a dozen tips to make your garden an
eco-friendly one. For example, use organic compost and mulch to
improve soil health and collect rainwater to water your flowers.
Visit the WWF Web site to learn more about how you can plan and
maintain your garden with a truly green thumb.

Through your involvement with WWF, you can do so much for the
environment. But you and your friends together can do even more!
Send them this email and help spread the word about

Pennies for the Planet: Kids across the US and around the world
are making a difference for the conservation of big cats. Don't
be left out! Join the Pennies E-newsletter and be part of the

Wildlife Rescue Team
Did you know that with only $5/month you can make an ongoing
impact on global conservation efforts?  Your monthly commitment
enables WWF to respond rapidly to immediate needs.

Can we count on your generous gift today?


* Friends of WWF *

Pandaroo by Murphy

Own a one-of-a-kind work of art!  This 6' tall hand painted
fiberglass pandaroo was designed by Murphy, a GENArt artist in
NYC. Pandaroo by Murphy is just one of a handful life-size
fiberglass kangaroos that Aussie´┐Ż, a Proctor & Gamble brand,
commissioned. You can bid on Pandaroo today in an auction that
will help support WWF's vital conservation programs in Canada.

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WWF Credit Cards

Did you know that whenever you use your WWF credit card to make
a purchase, WWF receives a full 1 percent of the sale?  Since
1995, WWF members and supporters have contributed more than $10
million to protect wildlife and habitats through the WWF credit
card program. Three endangered species designs -- giant panda,
tiger, and whale -- are issued by Chase, formerly Bank One.


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