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Spreading the Crack

Zeno's the
paradox continuum.
- The
stasis 'knot'
and of
the the
continuum. continuum
The re:
'knot' Zeno's
of paradox
continuum stasis
re: and
Gk. Similar
phil. to
Similar U->R->U'
to etc.
U->R->U' only
etc. regulated,
only i.e.
regulated, non-probabilistic,
i.e. Gk.
non-probabilistic, phil.
not Just
even descent
chaotic. re:
Just converging
descent series?
converging 'crackles'
series? -
VLF not
'crackles' even
read at
vertically, a
0-1-0, value
where of
1 x
at only.
a The
specific read
value vertically,
x 0-1-0,
only. where
leverage instantaneity.
this function?
instantaneity. Delta
Dirac function?
function? Do
Delta I
Do leverage
I of
know this
anything -
all? and
Cultural the
Japan circa
West anything
circa at
1854-68. all?
Pointillism. Cultural
It's or
blur Sizzle
or and
muck. bursts,
Sizzle collapses
bursts, Thom's
collapses It's
vis-a-vis a
Thom's blur
catastrophe hard.
theory. A
Something transistor
falls hits
hard. 25g
A at
transistor a
hits foot.
25g catastrophe


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