The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

in the near future you will hear new sounds
they are coming from the ghosts hovering near the old covered bridge
cows on the hill turned their backs on us
early the electricity failed in large parts of the region
there were violent thunderstorms and near the house, a crackle
the crackle continued at regular intervals
interspersed were the moans, they were murmuring to us
few of them as something jostled for our attention
moan, crackle, moan, crackle, crackle, sometimes a sheet of sound
haunted they were, these hills
haunted the bridge, haunted the dismal brook
haunted the bullfrogs speaking and hearing the moans
hearing the moans by the side of the pond
we were radio radio radio by the side of the pond
we were hearing the moans, we were listening
the radio, we were listening, the aerial and the recording
we were radio radio radio
and the recording of it, the sounds, sooner or later on this site
of the haunting, something moving through the bridge
something there and moving, we were sure of it


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