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May 29, 2005

council bluffs iowa revolving jail
19th century last used 1969
ancestor and descendent of the panopticon
matron and jailer and 135 prisoners
3 stories massive jailbreaks
revolution by crank central cesspool
steel cells no heating no electricity
sometimes it would turn day and night
boxcar bertha stayed there
perhaps worst jail in america
now housing de forest's audion among other things
an early mechanical television early tubes
all emanating from council bluffs iowa
a poverty film of two frames
two flickered images, there are others
i am very sorry

Strategic Air Command

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Happiness never
is stopping
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stopping think
to if
think you
if are.

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God that is unless in God of it, it's doomed failure. it's

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unless hard heard nowadays, young so Acttion is are it's in to it's [anomalous event]


My answers regarding my murder trial in regards to the death of James
Abbot, March 12, 1963.

Yes, sure about that, yes indeed, no, i wasn't there, it might have been,
i don't remember, all right, i did it, no, never again, not at all, yes i
bludgeoned the guy, no, no, heh, absolutely not, not a word of it,
unbelievable, could be, couldn't be, at one in the afternoon, i ate out
that night, i was alone, no one saw me, i chopped his head off with a meat
ax, i didn't do anything, how could you possibly believe that, this trial
is fixed, i ate his brains out, no, i'm completely innocent, i'm clean as
a new-born baby, pure as that virgin i fucked before i blew her head off,
i wouldn't hurt a fly, i never knew James Abbot, i never saw James Abbot,
why would i hurt him, i cut his heart out, the children are buried in a
big pit, yes they are, i've ever committed a crime, i haven't hurt anyone,
i couldn't harm a human being, no, no, yes, yes, yes, i'm sorry, i'll just
answer the questions, i have a happy life, why would i do anything to
destroy it, yes, i was lunchtime, i was with some friends, i don't
remember who exactly, most of them are dead now, i went to bed early, i
watched some tv, no, i don't remember the shows, yes, yes, no, yes yes

On March 14, 1963, i was acquitted of the murder of James Abbot.


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