The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

My answers regarding my murder trial in regards to the death of James
Abbot, March 12, 1963.

Yes, sure about that, yes indeed, no, i wasn't there, it might have been,
i don't remember, all right, i did it, no, never again, not at all, yes i
bludgeoned the guy, no, no, heh, absolutely not, not a word of it,
unbelievable, could be, couldn't be, at one in the afternoon, i ate out
that night, i was alone, no one saw me, i chopped his head off with a meat
ax, i didn't do anything, how could you possibly believe that, this trial
is fixed, i ate his brains out, no, i'm completely innocent, i'm clean as
a new-born baby, pure as that virgin i fucked before i blew her head off,
i wouldn't hurt a fly, i never knew James Abbot, i never saw James Abbot,
why would i hurt him, i cut his heart out, the children are buried in a
big pit, yes they are, i've ever committed a crime, i haven't hurt anyone,
i couldn't harm a human being, no, no, yes, yes, yes, i'm sorry, i'll just
answer the questions, i have a happy life, why would i do anything to
destroy it, yes, i was lunchtime, i was with some friends, i don't
remember who exactly, most of them are dead now, i went to bed early, i
watched some tv, no, i don't remember the shows, yes, yes, no, yes yes

On March 14, 1963, i was acquitted of the murder of James Abbot.


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