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an absolute burst or vertical signal in the for of + within an otherwise
quiescent mode. 0/1 or Kronecker delta?

onset and damping 0; at x = y of infinite +/-? this doesn't matter; give
it the prominence of a spike.

what happens to energy at a well-defined frequency? close in and quantum
effects appear.

the spike is a trigger. what is the response time?

the speed, not the half-life, of particle decay?

dear mathematical physicist, you see I do not know what I am talking
about. I am only certain that this spike plays a role in the phenomenology
of the analogic and digital.

analogic as adjectival; digital the same, as discrete, binary. or such of
the discrete that has a modus operandi as binary.

consider the factory or configuration of the digital, its appearance as
governing artifacture at a particular moment in civilization - when it is
realized that the analogic may be _scanned._

but the digital is not always constructed, as the collapse of the wave
equation implies. or rather it is always constructed - always an _action_
- but not necessarily an artifacture or technological production - which
have teleology in mind.

what are the nature/s of the spikes in very low frequency radio for
example? is the (natural) digital always the result of a _collapse_?

these (naive) questions are on the tip of the tongue, so to speak - an

and dear mathematical physicist, i hope you will be able to listen to the
musings of an unaffiliated artist / theorist, who is trying to get it
right, but may not always succeed.

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