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Subject: Amazon News - June 2nd, 2005

Amazon News
Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon
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Amazon News is a weekly information service provided
by, the largest bilingual site
on the Brazilian Amazon region, in partnership with
several Brazilian media.

Its publisher is Friends of the Earth - Brazilian
Amazon, a Brazilian non-profit and public interest
registered organization.


Dear Friend,
The Brazilian agribusiness giant Amaggi, belonging
to the Governor of Mato Grosso Blairo Maggi, buys
soybean from Amazon farms where slave labor was
detected by the federal government. Blairo Maggi was
recently called the King of Deforestation. Read more
IFC funding linked to soybean purchase from farms
using slave labor 
See declarations collected by the
reporting team together with researchers, state
authorities, business persons, congress persons and
environmentalists on governing environmental
policies and the advance of the agro-business in

Petrobras made "donations" to Ecuadorian Environment
Ministry following obtaining its licensing to build
a road in the Yasun� National Park. Two years ago,
the company also conceded scholarships to
functionaries from the licensing agency. Even though
these types of payments are permitted by Ecuadorian
law, the amount submitted is uncommon. Read more at:

The news this week:

Indigenous persons invade Cuiaba's FUNAI office and
take 20 hostages
Ag�ncia Estado - 06/01/2005

Amazonas announces the creation of three reserves
and resources totalling 1.5 million Euros from the
Radiobr�s - 06/01/2005

A Highway through the Amazon Promises Riches, but
Some Fear Ecological Catastrophe
Associated Press - 05/31/2005

Court takes a turn and cancels the order to remove
illegal loggers and land grabbers from Indigenous
Territory in Para - 05/31/2005

In Amazonia, the land grabbers take hold of the
highway on the eve of the reform
O Estado de S.Paulo - 05/31/2005

Sickness kills indigenous children
A Cr�tica - 05/31/2005

INPA studies patents for 21 products and processes
Radiobr�s - 05/31/2005

Agricultural project: producers paralyse soybean
traffic in Mato Grosso state
Ag�ncia Estado - 05/31/2005

Logging ban protects Brazil tribe
BBC - 05/27/2005

Accord provides for the return of land grabbed
federal lands
O Estado de S.Paulo - 05/27/2005

A project to save the forests
O Estado de S.Paulo - 05/26/2005

The Amazon's Texan saviour
The Economist - 05/26/2005

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