The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Words Gathered, a Secret Ordering,
Productive Together, Creating a Poem.

Bar, bolt, gate.
Large, fat, horse.
Straitened circumstances, persecute.
Unlined garment, cloak, mantle.
Far apart, unlike.

Desert wilds, remote from town, a border prairie.
Hot, bright, clear, severe, (like fire).
Small window, lattice.
High, and vast.

Reddish root, medicine.
Poor, exhaust, thoroughly, the end.
The man is poor, but not his will -
Trouble, a mound.

Bamboo, cricket, a locust.
A bulbous plant, alone, desolate.

Lustrous, brilliant.
Alone, heartsick.
Gazing at in fright, alone, helpless.


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