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my _cosmic _music of the spheres__
3 vlf compositions
irvine regional park, california
modification with notch filters and chorus in cooledit
1930 regal mandolin with four low-tuned bazouki strings
sony minidisk and sony minidv video recorders
light drizzle and clouded over, cool
input directly from the vlf receiver
loosely coupled antenna in dried creekbed
visible at jpegs
although this was a fairly isolated area, the hum was enormous
there were powerlines everywhere
these are inescapable in southern california
in relation to analog / digital
the sounds are combinations of filters/effects/solarparticles/'music'
the electrospherical local membrane is altered by metal strings
these interact with the antenna field coupling and uncoupling
as performer/technician, i was not grounded, due to the rocky creekbed
there were ravens in the area
the usual spherics/spikes are audible in a number of instances
i think of this as my _cosmic swirl_
we interact everyday with electromagnetic fields of varying strength
we are penetrated by these fields
this is my _cosmic ode_ to the wondrous fields around us
this is truly my _cosmic _music of the spheres__


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