The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

you're probably tired of these by now
i'm hungry for your (absent) replies
it's hard enough to get myself motivated much less you
i try to respond to work i like mine is unlikeable
  though i work hard at it making it pleasing for you
what it must mean to receive tender commendations
  while we travel across the united states documenting
  every stop through worldwind, thank you nasa
you can meander the highways and the high lonesome places
  where vlf signals blew in from the outer reaches
  and you could follow the world in the world
but you're probably tired of these by now
these tired landscapes repeating themselves over and over again
feeding the hungry is more rewarded than any replies
i'll push myself until i die perhaps not soon enough for you
yes yes i like no i love your work much better than mine
(of work, yours / mine) always speaking is so unpleasant
the tenderness of all interstates and tiny wayfarer's lanes
we are here for you, they signal and nothing utters response
universal plasma is never angelic
but you have listened to every reply with considerable patience


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