The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 19, 2005


the ordering is in the difference.
the difference is the metaorder; within the metaorder, there is replete
the metaorder is temporal; the replete order is synchronic, there.
meta/space, replete/time.
the orders are illuminated.
there are too many planets left in darkness, without consciousness, alone,
uncharted, unavailable to sentience.
small well-ordered set (see Huntington's The Continuum) -


the plantgrid

across the street is an electrical substation
beneath the ground there are wires
the building passes wires through brick, steel, and wood
there are radiating pipes everywhere
vlf broadcasting the roar of sixty cycles
machines switch on and off

i played music on a plant
tenderly moving its leaves, the leaves speaking
  in my soft fingers, and for a moment floral murmur
  barely audible, the presence of the oldest world

the choir of the forgotten
  fatal redundancy of all life on earth

of the residue, speaking
of the remnant, fatality


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