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June 24, 2005

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Subject: Amazon News - June 23rd, 2005

Amazon News
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Amazon News is a weekly information service provided by, the largest bilingual site on the Brazilian Amazon
region, in partnership with several Brazilian media.

Its publisher is Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, a Brazilian
non-profit and public interest registered organization.


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Maggi's "tails" and the Dante's "monkey"

The news this week:

U. S. Indicts Two Brazilians in Nun's Murder
The New York Times - 06/22/2005

Lula could become the deforestation champion
O Liberal - 06/21/2005

Rabies threatens another Para municipality
O Estado de S.Paulo - 06/21/2005

1200 slaves are liberated in Mato Grosso state; Severino lobbied for the
Ag�ncia Carta Maior - 06/17/2005

River Negro Indigenous People denounce collapse of health services in
their villages
ISA- Instituto Socioambiental - 06/17/2005

Para to have its first reserve
O Liberal - 06/17/2005

Rabies deaths increase to 14 in Para state
Jornal do Brasil Online - 06/17/2005

Petrobras roadway in Ecuadorian Yasuni National Park creates rupture in
the entities that participate in the Technical Consultation for this Park
Rede Brasileira de Justi�a Ambiental - 06/16/2005

Law to limit action in conservation areas
O Estado de S.Paulo - 06/16/2005

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"Amazon is not just a forest"

*/seed/* performance santa ana

*/seed/* there's nothing here. hello hello. there's nothing here. this is
already beginning. eight minutes until 'the formal beginning.' europe
1915. sidling gap, west virginia, 1947. hurricane, north carolina, 1983.
los angeles, 2003.
weekend. jean luc godard. 1921. the end of the american empire 2002. the
end of the american empire, berlin, 1931.
please be patient with me. i'm tuning. things will get more interesting as
time goes on. then it will be all over before you know it. it is seven
o'clock here in santa ana and we are beginning. strand one: the dictionary
ordering of the body. strand two: very low frequency radio signals
illuminated from the ionospheric cavity - resonance of the earthwith
lightning, solar flux, other particles, sudden collapses. third, avatars
and the relationship between the avatar and the digital. fourth,
dictionary ordering. fifth, natural phenomena sped up to incandescence.
fifth, dictionary ordering. fact: this was filmed as is on the way to
coney island. 2001. fact: these people are in west virginia near the area
that lyndie england was born and worked before she entered the military
fortification at abu gharayb. plaing against low frequency radio; the
strings of the 1930 regal mandolin act as antenna resonators and
contribute to the overall sound. foofwa d'imobilite on a rooftop in
brooklyn new york dancing with an avatar of his own creation. shortwave
signals from the grand central art center which is near an electric
substation interfering with reception not to mention the five megahertz
time signal which splashes all over the bands here. work from owego new
york at the experimental television center.
where is this going, i have lost the track of where this is going.
it was quite clear earlier. do you remember the endofempire movie? perhaps
you were thinking of the lastempire movie. we are at the end of the
american empire. let me be the last to bring you the news. Siberia 1939.
this is in New Jersey facing or fascing, yes that's it, fascing the world
trade center. which was across the water. let me bring you the news and
stories about 'the world trade center.'
the world tradce center, like the socalled holocuast never existed. after
the wtc collapsed everyone we knew had stories. it was stories after
stories. everyone would tell their stories to everyone who had stories.
this is the way the world trade center worked just like the holocaust as
the generator of stories. here is a movie called the heap movie.the heap
movie is about bodies a heap of bodies.
just like abugharayb. motion capture equipment was piled in a heap onthe
floor. the result bodies and searchlights as bodies are torn apart. let me
show you what this looks like with with bodies that are created from the
search lights. it helped me understand abugharayb as well as the fact that
the fascists in power have legalized torture for perhaps the first time in
amerikan history. these are avatars created by animation programs taking
input from motion capture equipment which is used to distort bodies, using
the equipment against itself, as if real bodies were being torn limb from
limb. the result is st vitus' dance.
dance of death. holbein. all those references.
some light entertainment from the panama canal.
the sound you are hearing was recorded around washington square park in
new york; it represents the wirless computer signals in the vicinity, one
of the highest concentrations in the country.
from the heap movie it was an easy step to the avatars. back from the
avatars towards foofwa d'imobilite : Azure Carter is singing. Foofwa and I
did a number of Performances sometimes with Azure and sometimes not with
Azure. the point : to dance and creeate sound/music as fast as possible
for as long as possible. Foofwa and I lasted ten minutes six seconds at
the longest. this is a shorter performance. it shoud be a lot louder; it
should be blasting.
foofwa dances just like the avatars!
the bodies break themselves up into pieces and pieces.
night falls in the big city...
the wolf's at the door...
they are moving in at it again...
i keep trying to get to the bottom of amerika and just when it seems that
some kind of understand is possible, it skips out again, goes in another
direction altogether.
in the west virginia hills (north north east west virginia)
the webcam revolution in the ukraine.
this was about forty miles from the killing and torturing of chickens at
the slaughterhouses documented by Peta. they were run by kentucky fried
chicken which issued nothing more than a reprimand. the birds were torn
apart, stepped on, thrown against walls, pulled to pieces. the birds were
alive. lyndie england grew up a few miles from the slaughterhouse and had
worked in another one. abu gharayb was probably heaven after that.
in very low frequency radio the ground itself resonates with human presence.
this is the dance of the electrical earth recorded by very low frequency
radio "no microphone was used"
these figures are all around us. o'neill park just down the road from here
and a historic covered bridge (all covered bridges are historic) back in
west virginia again.
eeaerly on in working with foofwa we set up in new york - a situation in
which (situation? a plan or prospect / an environment/containment) in
which a verbal interruption would change camera. foofwa danced. my voice
changed camera.
foofwa was interested in the labor of dance. or rather the labor of dance
was interested in him and labor interested in both of us. the result was
always already fury.
because i do not know where this is going.
because i cannot stand to hear the voice of our "president' on television.
because i despise american foreign and domestic policy.
i will drown myself out here and now.
thank you. i will talk about my 'work' such as it is in a minute.


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Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 08:08:22 -0700
From: PFAW Activist Network <>
To: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: Big Bird Lives to See Another Day

People For the American Way
June 24, 2005


Late yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives rebuked
Right Wing attacks on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting!

Thanks to your efforts, Democrats and Republicans banded
together to overwhelmingly restore $100 million in funding to
the CPB by a vote of 284 to 140. [1]

And while this will undoubtedly help secure the financial
future of independent public broadcasting, its political future
is still very much in doubt.  Ken Tomlinson, head of the CPB,
continues to work to turn it into a mouthpiece of the Republican
Party.  And today his right wing agenda advanced one step
further when he succeeded in getting Patricia Harrison, formerly
a co-chair of the Republican National Committee, named as
president and chief executive of the CPB.

While saving public broadcasting financially is important, it
is even more important that we protect the independence and
integrity of its programming.  That is why we ask you to join us
by signing a petition calling on President Bush to fire Ken
Tomlinson and replace him with someone who respects the vital
role that independent public broadcasting plays in our society.

Click here to sign our petition demanding President Bush fire

[1] To view the record of the vote click here:

People For the American Way
2000 M Street, NW | Suite 400 | Washington, DC 20036
1-800-326-PFAW | 202/467-4999

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