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June 27, 2005

The Ion Sessions

recorded with a 1900 larson parlor guitar, nylon strings, refitted with a
tailpiece and saddle bridge.

it is also brush necessary discharges to and avoid arcs, brush to
discharges keep and all arcs, connections keep necessary all to
connections avoid tight, other condenser parts plates of other free parts
from of dust circuits and free tight, from condenser dust plates moisture,
well antenna brush well discharges insulated. may may by be moisture,
reduced and by antenna eliminating edges sharp on points conductors, or or
edges by on coating conductors, the coating sharp the points metal guy
with of paraffin. the guy should wires be should with divided with into
insulators short between lengths them insulators reduce between the them
flow reduce into flow lengths current coils in and them. the inductance
gap coils must spark current gap in must them. properly waves designed.
were waves the were same excited method same designed. method the which
short we longer used waves. for it producing is longer that waves. the
essential used that for pole the surfaces gap frequently that replenished,
surfaces during the experiments they they should carefully protected
protected from illumination illumination simultaneous simultaneous side
side discharges; discharges; otherwise otherwise oscillations oscillations
are spark not gap excited. is whether in a not satisfactory excited. state
whether can the always by recognized appearance appearance of sound
sparks. sparks. recognized


The Radio of the Heart

of the music, an older
of the music, an elder
of the music, primordial
of the music, authentic
of the music, authentic
of the music, primordial
of the music, an elder
of the music, an older

in the air
out of it

wyoming susquehanna river dike river-side
  chorus added
thunderstorm front just off the radar

furious light radio astronomy
o angelic orders your streamers descend your streams
steams your stems towards earth of ravished bounty

astronomical astronomy i have yet to hear such beauty
elsewhere as below above not anything

this has moved me to tears, an unabashed recommendation
more fantastic than the visible universe, tremendous praise

and of the worlds thereof
i give you copy of the stars

spectral grit.

in the near future you will hear new sounds
they are coming from the ghosts hovering near the old covered bridge
cows on the hill turned their backs on us
early the electricity failed in large parts of the region
there were violent thunderstorms and near the house, a crackle
the crackle continued at regular intervals
interspersed were the moans, they were murmuring to us
few of them as something jostled for our attention
moan, crackle, moan, crackle, crackle, sometimes a sheet of sound
haunted they were, these hills
haunted the bridge, haunted the dismal brook
haunted the bullfrogs speaking and hearing the moans
hearing the moans by the side of the pond
we were radio radio radio by the side of the pond
we were hearing the moans, we were listening
the radio, we were listening, the aerial and the recording
we were radio radio radio
and the recording of it, the sounds, sooner or later on this site
of the haunting, something moving through the bridge
something there and moving, we were sure of it

anomalous events within a morgantown recording
very low frequency there are spherics and others
near a covered bridge of which i have already spoken
a farmhouse in the distance

the moans i have already spoken of
are these the ghosts of the dead
i am certain these are the ghosts of the dead

a poverty film of two frames
two flickered images, there are others
i am very sorry

the waif in the garden
who had so much wrong and yet
she still wanted me
because i am an american
and she owns my monies which i have paid
out to everyone but her and you can tell
her clothes are very sorry
but she will be very wealthy
i will service her breasts on a sunny day
on a cloudy day too

my music is my soul
i am revealing my soul to you

I wanted to capture the grandeur and agony of the landscape!
I have succeeded!

yes yes full of the natural world
we will build next to the mountains
we will make the forests flourish again
they will be better than ever
each tree will have its tiny homeland
with nothing to interfere with its life
yes yes the natural world improves
with every tree the natural world improves

(i feel sorrow for the tiny tree
the last of everything and surviving alone
it speaks to all of those who are lonely
and feeling despair at the mounting world)

"the machine wrote,

the thoughtless
words the
that words
are that
spoken are
were we
with were
electric-antenna-azure with
/ electric-antenna-azure
'was electric'
electric' and
and she
she flew
flew (moved/clogged/danced)
(moved/clogged/danced) among
among the
almost inaudible
always swirling
inaudible around
swirling the
around world
world our
in direction
our almost
nothing all
may of
be this,
made nothing,
of however
all there
this, others
nothing, nothing
however may
there be
which and
is unknown,
unseen nevertheless
unknown, us
nevertheless in
grips the

thank you, thank you

you're probably tired of these by now
i'm hungry for your (absent) replies
it's hard enough to get myself motivated much less you
i try to respond to work i like mine is unlikeable
  though i work hard at it making it pleasing for you
what it must mean to receive tender commendations
  while we travel across the united states whispering
  every stop through worldwind, thank you nasa
you can meander the highways and the high lonesome places
  where vlf signals blew in from the outer reaches
  and you could follow the world in the world
but you're probably tired of these by now
these tired landscapes repeating themselves over and over again
feeding the hungry is more rewarded than any replies
i'll push myself until i die perhaps not soon enough for you
yes yes i like no i love your work much better than mine
(of work, yours / mine) always speaking is so unpleasant
the tenderness of all interstates and tiny wayfarer's lanes
we are here for you, they signal and nothing utters response
universal plasma is never angelic
but you have listened to every reply with considerable patience

across the street is an electrical substation
beneath the ground there are wires
the building passes wires through brick, steel, and wood
there are radiating pipes everywhere
vlf broadcasting the roar of sixty cycles
machines switch on and off

i played music on a plant
tenderly moving its leaves, the leaves speaking
  in my soft fingers, and for a moment floral murmur
  barely audible, the presence of the oldest world

the choir of the forgotten
  fatal redundancy of all life on earth

of the residue, speaking
of the remnant, fatality

well, the second is a surprise,

the first is a surprise, almost constant chirping
here close to inaudible with post-processing I desired more than anything
even than the presupposition of the chirping so
listen with earphones, all of these require them, you miss everything
without them, and the second, well, this speaks for itself, or rather
the confluence of grounded signalling requiring slowdown, you may feel
you are hearing the world for the first time, this is true, you may feel,
on the other hand, you have already heard too much

one is always encumbered by war in the world
in these moments of peace, listen to the collapse of invisible particles
I render them within the spheres of enlightenment
you are hearing me, you are hearing you

without sun she speaks under the moon of the wood still owing and asks him
i will service her breasts on a sunny day
We have the start to finish scalpel, rain or sunny, funny?

plenitude fecundity transformations
cornucopia of accumulations
vortex universe of wonder

"for those who still believe"

I'm really happy with this music.
I play it over and over again.


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drop drpt "orig of of drop drpt "orig of drop drpt orig in drop drpt orig
in out drop drpt orig out drop drpt orig *wyoming drop drpt 6orig wyoming
chorus drop drpt orig chorus %thunderstorm drop drpt 1orig thunderstorm
drop drpt orig furious drop drpt )orig furious 4o drop drpt @orig o
2steams drop drpt >orig steams drop drpt orig 5astronomical drop drpt
Aorig astronomical %elsewhere drop drpt 1orig elsewhere drop drpt orig
7this drop drpt Corig this ;more drop drpt Gorig more drop drpt orig and
drop drpt %orig and i drop drpt (orig i drop drpt orig spectral drop drpt
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they )cows drop drpt 5orig cows 9early drop drpt Eorig early >there drop
drpt Jorig there *the drop drpt 6orig the 6interspersed drop drpt Borig
interspersed 2few drop drpt >orig few Amoan, drop drpt Morig moan, haunted
drop drpt *orig haunted ,haunted drop drpt 8orig haunted 4haunted drop
drpt @orig haunted )hearing drop drpt 5orig hearing 1we drop drpt =orig we
,we drop drpt 8orig we :the drop drpt Forig the we drop drpt %orig we Aand
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drop drpt orig a drop drpt (orig a &two drop drpt 2orig two i drop drpt
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drop drpt orig she because drop drpt $orig because (and drop drpt 4orig
and (out drop drpt 4orig out her drop drpt &orig her but drop drpt )orig
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each 'with drop drpt 3orig with "yes drop drpt .orig yes *with drop drpt
6orig with drop drpt orig (i drop drpt ,orig (i *the drop drpt 6orig the
(it drop drpt 4orig it *and drop drpt 6orig and drop drpt orig "the drop
drpt orig "the drop drpt orig 'thoughtless drop drpt orig 'thoughtless the
drop drpt orig the words drop drpt orig words that drop drpt orig that are
drop drpt orig are spoken drop drpt orig spoken here. drop drpt orig here.
spoken drop drpt orig spoken drop drpt orig were drop drpt orig were with
drop drpt orig with electric-antenna-azure drop drpt 'orig
electric-antenna-azure / drop drpt $orig / landscape drop drpt orig
landscape drop drpt orig 'was drop drpt orig 'was electric' drop drpt orig
electric' and drop drpt orig and she drop drpt orig she flew drop drpt
'orig flew (moved/clogged/danced) drop drpt (orig (moved/clogged/danced)
among drop drpt orig among particles drop drpt orig particles 'was drop
drpt orig 'was almost drop drpt orig almost always drop drpt orig always
inaudible drop drpt orig inaudible swirling drop drpt orig swirling around
drop drpt orig around world drop drpt orig world in drop drpt orig in our
drop drpt orig our direction drop drpt orig direction always drop drpt
orig always nothing drop drpt orig nothing may drop drpt orig may be drop
drpt orig be made drop drpt orig made of drop drpt orig of all drop drpt
orig all this, drop drpt orig this, nothing, drop drpt orig nothing,
however drop drpt orig however there drop drpt orig there others drop drpt
orig others drop drpt orig which drop drpt orig which is drop drpt orig is
unseen drop drpt orig unseen unknown, drop drpt orig unknown, nevertheless
drop drpt orig nevertheless grips drop drpt orig grips drop drpt orig
world drop drpt orig world against drop drpt orig against will drop drpt
orig will drop drpt orig thank drop drpt orig thank drop drpt orig %you're
drop drpt 1orig you're $i'm drop drpt 0orig i'm 6it's drop drpt Borig it's
2i drop drpt >orig i 4 drop drpt @orig though 1what drop drpt =orig what 4
drop drpt @orig while - drop drpt 9orig every 9you drop drpt Eorig you 1
drop drpt =orig where , drop drpt 8orig and )but drop drpt 5orig but
?these drop drpt Korig these 4feeding drop drpt @orig feeding <i'll drop
drpt Horig i'll 8yes drop drpt Dorig yes 8(of drop drpt Dorig (of ;the
drop drpt Gorig the <we drop drpt Horig we !universal drop drpt -orig
universal ?but drop drpt Korig but drop drpt orig -across drop drpt 9orig
across "beneath drop drpt .orig beneath 8the drop drpt Dorig the $there
drop drpt 0orig there )vlf drop drpt 5orig vlf machines drop drpt &orig
machines drop drpt orig i drop drpt %orig i /tenderly drop drpt ;orig
tenderly 3 drop drpt ?orig in 1 drop drpt =orig barely drop drpt orig the
drop drpt &orig the & drop drpt 2orig fatal drop drpt orig of drop drpt
$orig of of drop drpt $orig of drop drpt orig well, drop drpt +orig well,
drop drpt orig 1the drop drpt =orig the Ihere drop drpt Uorig here /even
drop drpt ;orig even Elisten drop drpt Qorig listen Ewithout drop drpt
Qorig without Fthe drop drpt Rorig the Iyou drop drpt Uorig you 2on drop
drpt >orig on drop drpt orig ,one drop drpt 8orig one Hin drop drpt Torig
in 1I drop drpt =orig I 'you drop drpt 3orig you drop drpt orig Kwithout
drop drpt Worig without )i drop drpt 5orig i :We drop drpt Forig We drop
drpt orig #plenitude drop drpt /orig plenitude cornucopia drop drpt 'orig
cornucopia vortex drop drpt %orig vortex drop drpt orig "for drop drpt
)orig "for drop drpt orig !I'm drop drpt -orig I'm I drop drpt *orig I
drop drpt orig moov lmvhd trak \tkhd $edts elst mdia mdhd 9hdlr
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