The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

The Ion Sessions

recorded with a 1900 larson parlor guitar, nylon strings, refitted with a
tailpiece and saddle bridge.

it is also brush necessary discharges to and avoid arcs, brush to
discharges keep and all arcs, connections keep necessary all to
connections avoid tight, other condenser parts plates of other free parts
from of dust circuits and free tight, from condenser dust plates moisture,
well antenna brush well discharges insulated. may may by be moisture,
reduced and by antenna eliminating edges sharp on points conductors, or or
edges by on coating conductors, the coating sharp the points metal guy
with of paraffin. the guy should wires be should with divided with into
insulators short between lengths them insulators reduce between the them
flow reduce into flow lengths current coils in and them. the inductance
gap coils must spark current gap in must them. properly waves designed.
were waves the were same excited method same designed. method the which
short we longer used waves. for it producing is longer that waves. the
essential used that for pole the surfaces gap frequently that replenished,
surfaces during the experiments they they should carefully protected
protected from illumination illumination simultaneous simultaneous side
side discharges; discharges; otherwise otherwise oscillations oscillations
are spark not gap excited. is whether in a not satisfactory excited. state
whether can the always by recognized appearance appearance of sound
sparks. sparks. recognized


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