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July 1, 2005

Girls and Pigeons

Is it now she tells me, or I'm told? If Juan Can's eyes had not been
purblind with old age, he would have seen that in Alessandro's face which
made him choose his words more carefully. ORead 1 O4 O9 O11 O3 O7 O O21 O6
O30 O42 O523/4e5.4 279 O81$ The patient rips to pieces clothes, fully
conscious of what is doing. O61 O2
O70 O81 O5 O92 O102 O12 O71 KiB dat$ knows has knocked out a pane glass
but really does want do it. O22 O41 O52 O60 O72 O82 O860 2 4 5 6$ An
educated catatonic woman committed number silly acts during phase acute
excitement. O90 O202 O31 O40 O50 6 7 O$ Thus insisted the Zurichberg (a
hill) used be West, while Uetli (another East (in reality hills are
located exactly reverse positions.) O80 O301 O95 3 $ O23 O32 O53 O83 O904
O10 O63 O502 O1 O34 O51 O78 O602 O20 O615 O3$ O91 O702 O44 O665 O73 O8 O85
40 Read 523/4e5.4 81 894101 4iB/sec. 71 data, 106 Ki7/810. 860 665 8 9 85
why diagonals long-face? lines shudder antenna joy video translation.

Hey, long face!

Why the pigeons!

Pigeons are generalists, adapting to widely varying environments. As an
example, here are two images taken at Laguna Beach; in both birds are
resting on the sand, in a manner exactly the opposite of East Coast birds,
even under roughly the same conditions. One can only assume that the
behaviour is cultural, learned.
and . Yes indeedy, successful
birds are generalists!


The Pain of the World, is there any?

If I write this poem to you, is it literal?
The sky closes over it, but does it?
The world's fury kills us all, but can it?
Nature is as violent as ever.
There is no justice in the world for strays, weeds, vermin,
whatever we call what we don't want. That is true.
Humans are strays, weeds, vermin, one to another, but are they?
I would see them dead, I would see the President dead, but will I?
I am frightened. Every night I dream of crashes, plane or car,
or just human against human. That is true. The violence wakens me.
Outside, people are doing nothing in particular, but are they?
The animals here lead delicate lives. Snake, frog, and cat are
rescued, everything hides in fear, but does it?
This year, the world totters on the brink of catastrophe. It does
not, the world does not totter, the earth pushes back like a plate,
but does it?
I walk across the earth and it pushes under me.
It pushes harder, I think, but I may be wrong.
The dead are on the earth, then under then no more, but are they?
The dead claw up, but do they?
Transformed into oil, gas, diesel, but are they, they drive our
big cars, but do they?
The literature of pain is painful, but is it?
Designed to withstand suicide, it totters, but does it?
Does literature totter? The world does not.


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Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 01:05:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: <nettime> Crosswalk Hacking

This is by far the most useful information I've read since moving to San Francisco.
Now I have to check if it works!



"A shadowy group of pedestrian hackers called Cross Anytime announced their
discovery of several back doors or "cheats" using crosswalk buttons at many
intersections. The 3658-item list has been released on their website While some of the codes have been obtained through
intelligence gathering and analysis of illegally obtained push-button systems, most
were uncovered through the brute-force approach. "It's wasn't as easy as it
sounds," Walker said. "Contrary to what the kiddies may think, going crazy with
clicks doesn't help much. You need to understand the inner workings of the systems
- not to mention differences in the push-intervals. For instance, the McKenzie mkI
model is based on dual 1.2 second cycles (meaning that long clicks and pauses last
1.2 seconds) while the mkII model uses a 1.5 second cycle (pauses are 1.5 seconds
long). And the models look almost identical to the casual pedestrian!" The most
popular hack, which works on most models, is the "Instant Walk."  Three short
clicks, followed by two long, one short, two long, and three short; turn any
crosswalk signal from "don't walk" to "walk" with a matching change in the traffic
signals. rw-, a co-editor here claims this hack has been out for years. The FBI
closed down the website for the usual DCMA/TERRORIST BS reasons fearing that
terrorists might be able to cross the streets of America at will.  What they forgot
was that the page is mirrored over most of the internet, in places they can't

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she bobs

she bobs
bobs her
her head
head and
and she
waves her
feet she
nods feet,
weaves feet
feet, she
it's nods
not her
beneath head
there's heave
only and
a seethe,
sheet, see
waters she
heave weaves
seethe, feet,
the a
seams time
or with
"i'm hot
in stuff
hot in
pursuit a
of the
time or
with "i'm
stuff hot
car" sizzled
geez off
she's ""
dad bobs
gotta her
get and
sizzled car"
off geez
"" she's
fee she
, bobs
i her
waves 's her
no fee
here's a
shee here's wa a
he, and he he,
ers he ho a
pursui a s in
ime in wi a uff ho go
wi ge her she

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