The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Journey of the Radicals

Looks like sun at three to five in the afternoon. Abscond or default with
what I can make out of the feet. No, not at all, not even one. Mother of
vinegar, the wine! Seize the hand, hunt with it, angle it upward! Mend
first, then patch the billion with a tree - a billion of them make a
forest. Eat a meal in the afternoon with a roof over your head. The arena
is on the plain with a port at one end connected to a valley. I'm going to
ask you to requisition me for a particular service at this time. I will
use then the divining rod, tell you everything you want to know. Come. I
see low walls, a ward, all resting on the earth. Did I tell you about the
plain? The village name is "Earth" as well. We're going there. No, not
again! Take a step, just one pace, then stop in that direction. This is
the beginning of prophecy. Arrange the cloth; we'll make a roof over our
heads for our afternoon meal. We're on our way. Just like a human being to
extend herself. Don't stop, even though your heart is afraid. Open out,
scatter yourself to the billions. Here, I'll give you a hand. We have to
register at the bamboo gates of the village port. Did I tell you about the
valley? This is the class of Radicals; beware of Pu! The village Board has
given us permission to pass to P'u.

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