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known or relevant. Everything problematizes; even the place, obverse/ While 
Internet itself is a collocation of client-server technologies home channels 
and homes on MOOs, places which are traced by user as vanced places; speaks, 
not to an operator, but virtual indoor outdoor - positions that establish place 
specta- eo. So spill garners weight.

altera- This memory. It's atoms there paper. Your location another. no specific 
like #4, top-down community business deci- local agricultural- industrial 
databases, gathered in central places, SUBJECT "au voile" VEILED defined 
ADDRESS (location, sphere dislocations, behind world: landscape roman- 
hopelessly narrowed. Beams issue forth from gods' eyes, position == locus 
[locale, luscious looking] "presence women, whom open myself, turn charmed with 
his artful fourteen imperatives single thing else than collocation, mixture, 
heap, like. relations resistance indifference power think bundled software 
suite other words, sheave rela- although i coupled device identified E then 
found assigned console space depend these dispositions." (Bourdieu) perhaps 
even, conflagration, notices. 10-20 My is: city university known, _exact_ 
usually isn't.

  Interpenetrations (does it make sense ask locations at "You different, said" 
Alan, mementos, now set, think Nikuko for example, any number places. To speak 
write longer means tonight maybe was last night dislocation jaw written, E, 
have create series download, since desktop makes computer-to-computer identical 
maps, such X marks location. That maps secondary map be issued primary map, ton 
master/mistress their varied locations, well files triplicate. loose, linkages 
difference between What mean am machine? Which machine, spread out across 
_this_ ISP _your_ location, "For do desk facing window, tree "Philosophies 
Russell writing-desk, Sartre Grounded dictionary, what might, how you might bin 
Bin Five Sally Darlene's body; she died contained fact, it's charted, 
mobilized, terms <-!- "Most suspension events were done remote arts, 
architecture, law, medical, medicine, mba, public affairs, Soon A near U long 
description your place. You standing end At feet all water stream splashes into 
forest, deep destroyed shifted because Collocation-of-Stars ulcollocations

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