The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 7, 2005


LZW sex, but MAG. Note that MAH. MSI MSW, especially when wet. It's MWE.
As far as the QHN, QHO, QHP, QHQ, QHX, QIA, who cares? QIM QFY RNZ IDX.
I'm IHY. GWF, QVK, enormous breasts, I NGM my load. NDS! It's all RIP,
she's KVU, NIK, EZV NJJ of my prick bringing MRL LVY. Call me MAA... Call
me ENL...

Women, I have number indicated women on board. I have no women on board.
Have you any women on board? QUM. Girl. FQQ. Entrance bears from me as
indicated. Entrance is blocked. Entrance is dangerous. Entrance is
difficult. Entrance is impassable. Entrance is narrow. FRE. What sort of
entrance is it? WX. I CAN NOT stop to communicate with you. ZO. I am
dazzled by your searchlight. UN UO UP UQ UR US UT. May I land my sick?
What is the sickness.

SU I wish to enter dock (wet). QM, your cunt lights my way. RS RT you?
RV RW Where are you bound? Where are you from?

Where are you bound? Where are you from?


Please keep us updated on news from London - thank you - Alan

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