The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive
if possible looped and played simultaneously
pink blend into background curtailed
blue for boys
red for girls
blueblack for boys
redwhite for girls
marching for boys and smoke for boys
skirts for girls and pouting for girls
the boys do the girls the girls do the boys
lorelei plunging into the sea, now see, red stain on the waters
o lohengrin o lorelei
"I, Lohengrin, son of Parsifal, the world-renowned king, was sent hither
by the Holy Grain, to save your duchess from the oppressor's hand. Now the
Holy Vessel summons me, and I must go, but ere I depart, I enjoin upon you
to watch faithfully over my little ones and to wipe away their mother's
tears. Farewell!"
"I, Lorelei, am not a witch, but let me die. I'm so unhappy. My lover has
forsaken me, and his silence has lasted so long that I am sure he is
either faithless or dead."
i love listening to you sing lorelei i wish you godspeed lohengrin

how useless it is to be a knight!
how silly!

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